Sunday, November 28, 2021

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    Weekly Horoscope: November 21 to November 27, 2021

    Your weekly horoscope is here and Sunday starts in the season when the holidays are around the corner, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly need more of everything. This month is dominated by the vast Sagittarius, so give your spirit and time generously and find a way to connect your loved one and soul closest to you. Aim for growth in at least one area of ​​your life. You need to try something new or do something else. That is the point.

    Read on to discover what’s available for your autograph during the week of November 21st-November 27th, 2021.

    March 21st-April 19th


    Sunday begins with a month of horizon and an opportunity to open up. Take some calculated risk. Read, listen and talk to those who inspire you. Probably because of a different culture and life course than you. Travel and education are preferred. What do you want to learn and experience? Check out different cultural districts, restaurants and even the political scene. The next step in learning is teaching. Who can benefit from your knowledge, and how can you best distribute your wise words?

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    April 20th-May 20th


    Your sex and intimate zone will be lit up next month, don’t dismiss its very long eye contact and body language. You may be free to control how you hold your body and observe how others react. Try open body language vs. closed and dominant vs. obedient poses. Pay attention to the power balance of give and take. This zone is where all taboo items in society are wiped out. Needless to say; it’s a fascinating place. A journal for exploring your deeper emotions and testing your skills starting from a tarot-like oracle.

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    May 21st-June 21st


    The spotlight is on one-to-one equal zones, emphasizing relationships throughout the month. Be careful when someone catches your eyes, or of course, your erogenous zone, your heart, as the other side attracts you! If you feel that a great connection is cheeky, start a conversation and find out what attracted you together. The sociable side of this season is perfect for catching up with your best friends and enjoying a special date with yours. The opportunities to learn through the experience of others are ripe, so practice those listening skills.

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