We will all get fooled by online scams one day


I was called this week by a man who introduced himself to Ben. He had a South Asian accent and heard a sound in the background that sounded like a distant call center. Ben claimed that I was chosen to receive a 40% discount from the mobile operator.

He said I should wait for two texts, and he would tell me what I need to do to claim my exclusive award. After listening to his spill for a while, I asked why he was clearly trying to deceive me, and Rhein died. “Only idiots would have fallen because of that,” I thought with a brilliance of complacency.

It is very common to receive phone calls and text messages from one of the many global scammers who often prey on naive and distracted people.In the UK, about 45 million people target By them in the last three months, telecommunications regulator Ofcom disclosed this week.American consumer report Various online scams lost $ 3.4 billion in scams in 2020.

The fraud industry, with such mediocre and repetitive teasing, operates on such a global scale and makes you want to blame the victims. Ben and others aren’t creative plotters, they spend months striving for sophisticated puncture wounds. They use the same script to call thousands of people and send millions of phishing texts.

Even some victims blame themselves. “You are greedy and anyone who says anything else is a liar,” said a 64-year-old Australian woman who was fooled by more than $ 220,000. NS study When she was interviewed, it was concluded that the victims of online scams were “greedy, vulnerable to deception, overwhelming criticism and responsibility.”

Falling into many scams is painfully embarrassing — one of the reasons many haven’t been reported. Romance scams, in which scammers set up fake accounts on dating sites and apps to form virtual relationships, thrived during the blockade. This was an ideal cover for avoiding meetings. After begging the victims for a while, they demanded cash to cover the possible debt or to travel.

Losses from US romance scams reached $ 304 million last year. Said This week’s Federal Trade Commission report.Eleven men associated with crime syndication of Nigerian origin Charged In September, in Texas, he used dating sites such as Christian Mingle and Match.com to trick single widow into preying on “their isolation, loneliness, and sometimes sadness.”

Therefore, given that one day we could fall into online scams, we need to ponder before blaming the victims. Many of the crudeness of these approaches are balanced by their size.Scammers can attack people with temptation from Call center In India, or because you use automatic phishing, you will not be caught or imprisoned.

Sometimes when I’m vaguely talking to callers like Ben, I ask if they’re bothered by their work. But distance blunts the conscience: it’s easier for gangsters to recruit scammers who don’t have to talk face-to-face with their victims.As one Psychology research “Much more individuals can carry out the depersonalized social attacks needed for indirect fraud,” he said.

I almost feel sorry for them. It’s a relentless job at a scam sweatshop.Some of Cambodia staff Depends on victims of trafficking. Internet and free communication have broken legal and physical barriers, connecting two groups of vulnerable people: poor scammers and wealthy and lonely targets.

My sympathy is alleviated by my knowledge of the harm they do. You can settle your bank account, Mortgage deposit Stolen.Loss of romance scam with UK bank transfer Average £ 7,850 The emotional sacrifice per victim last year and the illusion of being absorbed in it is enormous.

Gangs are run by criminals who target the most expensive and weakest defenders. What is the median loss of fraud for Americans over the age of 80? $ 1,300 last yearCompared to $ 325 in their twenties. Everyone can get caught in stressful and distracting moments, but scammers know that picking is more abundant in older homeowners.

More can be done to prevent this criminal and psychological bombing.British government Tightening An online security bill that makes social media platforms more responsible for user-generated scams.Dating apps have been Too loose Match.com has instructed users not to send money, but couldn’t stop the scam. Claim “Prohibit and block” fraud.

But the scam is continue Even if the social media platform wins the conscience, it will flow.The internet still exists and hackers will be able to Steal millions The number of scammer phone and text list phone numbers and the global business of mass market scams will continue to be dangerously efficient.

Humans are Notorious poor When detecting deception, if the liar is fluent enough and the story is mild and persuasive. We are programmed to believe in scammers, even when we need to know more. When I challenged Ben, he immediately moved to the next number. The odds are on his side.


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