We need to talk about monkeypox without shame and blame


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Recent global outbreaks meningitis most of the gay men and men expressed concern that homosexuality would undermine effective prevention efforts. There are also fears that the disease will lead to prejudice and discrimination against homosexuals.

Even the name of monkeypox is frowned upon because of its longevity the racist twist of the word monkey and the false meaning that monkeys spread the virus.

The World Health Organization He said that the name needs to be changed, but he did not agree or announce a new one. At present, advocates for the LGBTQA+ community they use the term MPX, the term I will use here.

MPX, of course, is not the first disease that affects men who have sex with men. So there are things we should learn and things we should not repeat public health response to HIV.

Lessons from HIV

When HIV emerged among gay communities and bisexual men In the 1980s, fear and uncertainty about the cause and nature of the disease led to stigmatization of gay and bisexual men.

It was first called HIV”immunodeficiency related to homosexuality“or GRID is also hypothesized to be the result of male sexual activity or drug use (especially amyl nitrate use).

As well as calls to curtail the rights and freedoms of the LGBTQA+ community, the idea that gay and bisexual men are responsible for AIDS has hindered the public health response.

The most famous, in the United States, was then President Ronald Reagan no mention of HIV or AIDS in public more than 12,000 Americans died, and HIV spread in many communities.

Although today, in the world, HIV affects many women more than men, it is still difficult to lie down HIV-associated infection from a homosexual or prejudice against other affected communities, including injecting drug users or sex workers.

Stigma creates barriers to HIV prevention as people do not want to talk about HIV either looking for a trial because of the fear of being associated with hated groups. It also creates negative feelings towards people living with HIV.

For these reasons, it is important that we do not approach MPX in these terms.

A new way?

There is some reports of MPX is used to ensure homosexual pleasure or activity. However, the main difference between this disease and HIV is the world has learned from HIV.

Now there is a better understanding of unknown processes prejudice and discrimination destroy public health. HIV has also taught us to be wary of the potential for public health messaging to help create stigma, especially when associated with illness. marginalized cultural or racial groups.

Health policy makers were fasting to punish stigmatizing media reports of MPX. In the meantime the community’s HIV department has mobilized the infrastructure and expertise to support providing advice and knowledge of MPX for men who have sex with men.

Importantly, we now have a better understanding of the effects good sex practices to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Such methods ensure the pleasure and benefits of sex, with the aim of building open discussion about safe sex and making sure people can ask for a test without fear of judgment or backlash.

The influence of sexual behavior

We have learned lessons from HIV. However, MPX exposes the ways in which sexual behavior is present in public health, undermining the development of sexual health.

Observers of early media reactions to MPX note’s efforts to avoid stigmatizing gay and bisexual men caused confusion and confusion with the reports about the ways in which the disease, although not classified as an STI, can be spread through physical intimacy and why gay and bisexual men may be at risk of contracting them.

Unintentionally reported because there is limited cultural space to talk about group sex, casual sex or sex with multiple partners without these activities, and the people that has a hand, they are ashamed.

Despite the increasing acceptance of sexual diversity, people the freedom to enjoy sex In the case of married couples, monogamy is rarely guaranteed. Young women, for example, are shame to have “a lot” of sexual partners, while the call to a complete sex education based on pleasure is controversial.

While the world has come a long way in recognizing same-sex marriage, homophobia often leads to the condemnation of gay and straight sex culture.

This is the most obvious in terms of public health. For example, when pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) became available to prevent HIV, public support for it was criticized and others for the reason that it reached the support for homosexuals and bisexual men Prostitution.

When considered through the lens of public health, regular sex is it is often equated with irresponsibility. People’s right to seek sex and intimacy can also be devalued seen as useless.

We know, however, acknowledge the importance of sexuality and sexual integration in people’s lives is the best way to engage communities to improve sexual health.

Good sex

As current MPX vaccine products are limited in many regions, including Australia, priority is given to high-risk groups, including men who have sex and men who have multiple sex partners.

Given that men are asked to disclose their sexual activity in order to receive the vaccine, ensure non-stigma. health Maintenance will be essential for this program to be successful.

A sex-specific approach to MPX prevention would also support more open discussion so people can get better care about risk and prevention, regardless of who they are.

Amidst the rise in the incidence of syphilis, the WHO recommends reducing the number of sexual partners

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