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    We drive Superformance Electric Cobra and wonder: Who is this for?

    2018 Special Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Trade fair, Chevrolet announced Electric COPO Camaro And I was greeted by booing. Electric motors, which the crowd seems to think of, did not exist in the culture of performance cars. With this year’s EV included, it turns out that Chevy only sinned early on at the party. The 2021 SEMA show featured multiple options for drop-in motor conversion and at least nine EV replacement classics. Ford F-100 NS Hot rod A hydrogen-burning LS-powered ’48 Chevy truck manufactured by the magazine’s famous Project X Tri-Five and Arrington Performance (not electric, but certainly not a traditional SEMA fare). Everything is surrounded by a crowd of interest, Largely covered with online galleries.. If anyone is booing, they’re doing it quietly, and many seem to think this is the future of classic car collection. Is it …? Should it be?

    I had the opportunity to drive one of the show cars before the event. Superformance Tesla Motor Cobra Replica, MkIII-E. There is a market for bolts under the hood, but you may not already have a classic car in your garage.

    Superformance offers a licensed Shelby continuation car that reproduces all the quirks and rudeness of the original. Cobra is one of the most vivid driving experiences of lean meat. However, the company also has its own build line, a little more flexibility in engine selection, and some state-of-the-art equipment such as coil over suspension and additional NVH protection.

    “Have you ever driven an original Cobra?” Sales manager Ashton Stander said he took us to the Superformance warehouse in Irvine, California. “The heat only travels through the car.” Most Superformance customers have historical precision in exchange for a version of the low heat transfer fiberglass body with large fender flares, custom interiors and a variety of engine options. I am happy to give up a little.Real Shelby Roadster Sell ​​in 7 digits, This creates a replica market, a straight bargain, even if the car reaches the $ 100,000 range.Purists choose a small block of polite Ford 289 or a violent 427, but either of the popular classic Ford V-8, and Modern Coyote 5.0L Or a huge 7.3L Godzilla. You can also get a Cobra and drop it on the Chevy LS engine. If you want to unite the Ferrari V-12, the people in the store will do their best to make it possible (finished).But putting an electric motor on the midnight blue wide-fender MkIII Roadster sitting innocently by the roll-up door was such a range for Superformance. CEO Lance Stander It was barely built.

    “Initially, he was a bit reluctant,” said Joven Katic, owner of Joe’s Garage, which has partnered with Superformance for prototyping and development. Katik and Stander have been friends for nearly 40 years and regularly bounce ideas back to each other. Katick was fascinated by the technical challenge of electrifying the Cobra, but Stander said he was worried about the lack of sensory excitement. “He was always talking about noise,” Katick said. In the end, the standard won the same thing that beats many first-time EV drivers: instant torque and endless acceleration. “Everyone who drives it feels different after that,” Katick said. To be sure, 1500 pound-force torque is a mind-changing thing.

    Its 1500 pound-force is a tuned version. The motor of MKIII-E is a rear wheel drive unit. Tesla Model S. When you open the deck lid, it’s sandwiched between the rear wheels and you can see it behind the plexiglass window. Under the hood, a custom-made battery pack that combines two LG Energy 16-cell units is a 32kWh pack, suitable for a range of about 100 miles. Suppose you use only part of the donut. Stander said the original build couldn’t be driven with a lightweight Cobra and immediately turned the 275 / 35-18 Nitto tires into dirt and smoke. The regenerative braking settings that worked on the Tesla Model S were so intense that the car was spinning, making it just as difficult to stop. “We needed to make some adjustments,” he said.

    Katick said: Before you start making something, you know exactly how to do it. Then start the build. .. .. He stepped back, but the reasoning was clear. Converting an electric motor is not as easy as replacing a traditional engine.

    By the time I got on the Cobra, the big concerns had been resolved, but the standard gave me some warnings about not treating it like a modern EV. “There is no driver AIDS,” he said many times. In addition, there is no parking lot setting, hill start support, or parking brake operation. This gives it a surprisingly authentic, manual Cobra feel, despite the lack of a transmission or shifting gear.

    When it doesn’t start with extreme grades, the MKIII-E is easy to drive and you don’t have to worry about regular cobras: grumpy carbs, hot sidepipes to jump over, gentle hills and fenders like regular convertibles only The question is what to do with your stupid hair. It’s no wonder Ken Miles made a crew cut. At higher speeds, the roar of the wind diminishes the car’s silence, but when cruising, the brake pedal solenoid clicks the loudest. “It’s very rare to hear a bird’s voice while driving a cobra,” Katick said. “There aren’t many electric convertibles.”

    He’s right, and that’s one of the things I’m always excited about as we’re starting to see more off-road electric cars. Ride a quiet off-road bike? A moab without howling of a million ATV engines? Yes, please. But do I want to quietly cruise Highway 1 along Laguna Beach? do not know. The positive side was clear — no ringing headaches and no need to yell at passengers at V-8 Rumble — but I missed a few things about classic traditional cruises. With no rippling sound waves from the cobra, you don’t get the reaction of that head snap from fellow car enthusiasts. If they aren’t looking your way, there’s nothing to warn them that you’re nearby. Is that vanity? Yes, but denying it is part of the appeal of classic car ownership and is to lie. The lack of vibration made the surprisingly high numbers easier to read on a 15,000 rpm tachometer, but missed the urgency of a rope-like gas engine. There’s something almost alive about how an old car pulls a transmission, its core, how it rocks a racehorse in a starting gate. Then there are some adjustable driving characteristics, but I’ve always loved the silky slides on the downhill shores away from the gas, and the small collisions of the driveline when riding the throttle. The MKIII-E, like an electric go-kart, drove a kind of harsh binary, all on or off, with shiny curves. It was still fun. People still like to see it and came to talk about it. I didn’t drive it out of the driveway. But given that I chose between the MKIII-E and the Superformance gas-powered cobra, I took the fuel and never looked back.

    I mentioned earlier that there is a market for classics with motor replacement, but I think that’s true. However, the replacement of electrical technology does not mean that the EV will take over the gearhead. Most owners of classic cars nevertheless love them not only because of their flaws. We like sounds, we like smells, we tolerate leaks and breakdowns, and we often enjoy the maintenance process as much as or better than actual driving. What Electric Classic can do is bring a new audience into the ownership of the classic car. For those who appreciate the look, but are moving away because the classics are noisy, messy, or archaic, EV swaps can foster interest in cars as a hobby. This is exactly how modern engine swaps have brought a whole new group of young mechanics and performance enthusiasts. I wasn’t interested in changing the carburetor jet, but I liked tuning to turbo and laptop hot rods. With more benefits, you can always play the engine sound in stereo.

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    We drive Superformance Electric Cobra and wonder: Who is this for?

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