Watch SpaceX Live Stream Inspiration 4 Splashdown: Crew Dragon is back


[The webcast is slated to begin at 6:00 p.m. ET. Please refresh the page if you do not see the video player above.]

SpaceX will return the Crew Dragon spacecraft from orbit on Saturday. The capsule will carry four members of the Inspiration 4 mission to Earth after a three-day stay in space.

Crew Dragon Capsule resilience is expected to disperse at 7:06 pm EST in the Atlantic Ocean off Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Historical private mission — — Includes Commander Jared Isaacman, Pilot Sian Proctor, Medical Officer Hayley Arceneaux, and Mission Specialist Chris Sembroski — — Orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 590 kilometers above the International Space Station, the furthest humans have traveled to the earth for years. The free-flying spaceflight capsule did not dock with the ISS, but instead orbited the Earth independently at a speed of 15 orbits per day.

Inspiration 4 shared photos of the crew’s era In orbit, see the vast view from the spacecraft’s “cupola” window.

This is the third time SpaceX has returned astronauts from space, and this is the second capsule. This is a flight of NASA’s Crew 1 mission on a trip back in May. For Inspiration 4’s return, Resilience is expected to close the nose cone at 6:35 ET before a violent re-entry process from the atmosphere and deploy a parachute shortly after 7 pm ET.

Both previous SpaceX astronaut missions scattered in the Gulf of Mexico, making this the first mission to return to the Atlantic Ocean.

The SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavor spacecraft will fly to the Gulf of Mexico on August 2, 2020, carrying NASA astronauts Bob Benken and Doug Harley.


The mission comes with several other milestones Of Elon Musk Companies: First Private SpaceX Astronaut, First Completely Non-Professional Crew to Become an Astronaut, First Black Female Astronaut Pilot, Youngest American Astronaut Ever, and Prosthesis The first person to have and fly in space.

Inspiration 4 was paid by Isaacman in a private amount with the main goal of space flight to raise $ 200 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. According to the Mission website, billionaire entrepreneur Isaacman personally donated $ 100 million, and Mission raised an additional $ 53.8 million as of Saturday night.

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Watch SpaceX Live Stream Inspiration 4 Splashdown: Crew Dragon is back

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