WATCH: Joe Rogan On Jan 6 Capitol Protest


ray epps jan 6

Ray Epps on January 6

In a new episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan boldly called out the FBI for inciting violence on January 6th and targeting patriots with podcast host, Hotep Jesus.

The Joe Rogan Experience is the #1 most listened-to podcast on Spotify and he is not afraid to speak the truth.

According to the episode description,

Bryan “Hotep Jesus” Sharpe is a public speaker, tech advisor, author, and one of the hosts of the “Hoteps BEEN Told You” podcast. His latest book is “The Patriot Report: Unmasking the Conspiracy of Money and War.”

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During the show, Rogan railed against the FBI and the “morons,” who think January 6th was an attack on our nation’s capitol.

Rogan: But to say that, that is like World War Two, that it’s like Pearl Harbor, or that it’s like D Day. Or that’s like, you know, September 11, this is crazy talk. That’s just a bunch of morons. It’s a disaster. It looks horrible. Definitely need to clean that up. Definitely should have had more security. There’s a lot of shi* about that day that’s f*cked, like the cops opening up the gates letting people through like, what is all that about?

Hotep: Antifa being there.

Rogan: Yes. How about the f*cking, the known FBI agents who were inciting violence? They were telling them, “you got to get in there. We’re going to take what’s ours.” They had people that were there. For a fact, we know that. The f*cking FBI. Imagine the FBI themselves trying to get people to do shit that’s illegal so they can arrest them.

Hotep: January 6, I thought was beautiful man… Like, it seems like we’ve been neutered. Right? And it’s just like, I know as a black man that if the white man had free, I’m definitely not free.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the bizarre characters and chain of events that led Trump supporters to enter the US Capitol.

ANOTHER J-6 INFILTRATOR? Megan Paradise, the Ray Epps Female Clone, Caught on Megaphone Directing Trump Supporters to US Capitol, Broke into Lawmaker’s Office, Filmed the Room, Has Not Been Arrested

This is a conspiracy against the American people.



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