Wall Street Continues To Fluctuate Following Omicron Variant Discovery


It was a roller coaster week on Wall Street. NS 30 Dow Jones Industrial Averages After news of the first known case of an omicron variant of coronavirus was reported in California, it shook nearly 1,000 points from peak to trough on Wednesday.

According to Singapore-based infectious disease doctors, the virus is likely to “overwhelm the world” in the coming months.

Dr. Leon Honam I told CNBC: “Frankly, Omicron will dominate and overwhelm the whole world in three to six months.”

However, one of the doctors alleged to have discovered a variant of Omicron states that a large-scale overreaction of the media is unjustified.

Dr. Angelique Kotze Told reuters “The hype currently being created in the media and around the world has nothing to do with the clinical picture,” she added, “separating us from travel and banning South Africa is what we do throughout the process. We do not guarantee that you are a villain, and you should not do so, “he added.

So far, Dr. Coetzee said that those who have been observed to be infected with Omicron have mild symptoms and “don’t panic because we don’t see any seriously ill patients.”

Coetzee said: “I have identified hospitals, several hospitals in my area, and one of the largest hospitals that currently have only one COVID-positive patient on ventilator. They are whether it is COVID. I don’t even know. As you know, it’s delta or omicron related. “

John Nkensgason, leader of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, patiently begged people, “Give us some time … it’s very early.” He added: “It’s a different lineage from Britain and South Africa.”

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has complained to foreign countries, including the United States, which has banned flights between South Africa and seven other South African countries due to a variant of Omicron.

Rama Poza said“We are deeply disappointed with some country’s decision to ban travel from many countries in Southern Africa after the Omicron variant has been identified.”

He continued. “These restrictions are unjustified and unfairly discriminate against our country and our sister countries in South Africa. The ban on travel is not known by science and is not effective in preventing the spread of this variant. is not.”

The World Health Organization on Friday assigned the Greek letter Omicron to a newly identified variant of COVID in South Africa.

According to CNBC, “health experts are deeply concerned about the infectivity of the Omicron variant, given that the Omicron variant has an aberrant variant and has a different profile than other variants of COVID. . “

The World Health Organization held an emergency meeting on Thursday to discuss the latest strains of the virus, but cautioned until more about the seriousness of the strains.

Maria Van Kerkhove, an expert at WHOCOVID-19, said, “We are convening a special meeting to discuss this, not to call attention, but because the system is in place.” She added: “We can bring these scientists together to discuss’what does that mean?’And also set a timeline for the time it takes to get their answers.”

A new African subspecies was found in two patient samples taken as early as August and October in Nigeria. However, the seriousness of transmission and mortality is not yet known.

Tighten the strap. It could be a bumpy vehicle on Wall Street for the next few months. It has not yet been determined whether investors are overreacting to Omicron.

Wall Street Continues To Fluctuate Following Omicron Variant Discovery Source link Wall Street Continues To Fluctuate Following Omicron Variant Discovery

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