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    Walgreens, Badger Meter Eye Big Earnings Moves

    The profit season is exciting.

    This week marks the official kick-off of the season and Alcoa has released a report with several bank stocks.

    But that is not where our attention is directed today.

    We break down what you can expect Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. (Nasdaq: WBA). With revenue Badger Meter Inc. (NYSE: BMI)., Inventory of small industrial solutions.

    These may look like random stocks, but potentially large earnings movements connect them.

    That’s what we saw from us Revenue Edge Enterprise last week..

    Acuity Brands Inc. (NYSE: AYI) Equities surged more than 10% in earnings, breaking out of the sideways trend channel we emphasized. Expect stock prices to continue to rise in the coming weeks and beyond.

    Tilray Inc. (Nasdaq: TLRY), Cannabis inventories rose by as much as 5%, but that wasn’t enough. So watch it deviate from the wedge pattern and give a new direction for the stock.

    Well then, this week Revenue Edge

    Revenue Edge Stock number 1: Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. (Nasdaq: WBA).

    Earnings announcement date: Thursday, before opening.

    Expectations: Revenue of $ 1.03 per share. Revenue is $ 33 billion.

    Analyst Average Rating: Owned.

    Retail pharmaceutical giant Walgreens has benefited from the deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Customers can come to the store, take pictures and buy whatever they need.

    However, Walgreens is working on another aspect of hosting in-store medical practices to drive traffic.

    In the last few months, the expansion of this program has been announced in Florida and India. This brings new partnerships to 12 states in the United States. These numbers continue to grow and there is no doubt that analysts will be interested as these results evolve.

    That is exactly the demand for revenue.

    We’ll see what’s going on this week, but based on the stock charts, we can see some pretty big moves.

    Walgreens’ call for revenue should make a big move

    The WBA is traded in a downward triangular pattern, with a strong horizontal support line in green and a descending resistance line in red.

    As these converge, a breakout is imminent. But as we saw at Acuity Brands last week, revenue can always provide a pop to breakouts.

    The WBA is currently hovering near the bottom of this pattern. It doesn’t take long to get down from these prices, but it also gives room for significant revenue gains and still stays within the triangular pattern.

    We can expect big moves in either direction this week.

    Revenue Edge Stock number 2: Badger Meter Inc. (NYSE: BMI).

    Earnings announcement date: Friday, before opening.

    Expectations: Revenue of $ 0.50 per share. Revenue of $ 127 million.

    Analyst Average Rating: Owned.

    Badger Meter is on the other side of the market.Widely known for flow meters in cities around the United States

    But being a publicly traded company is in the limelight four times a year when it reports.

    We are entering a strong quarter with a 34.8% increase in revenue against the backdrop of a strong order rate. This resulted in a 39.8% year-on-year increase in revenue.

    All of this met analysts’ expectations, raising BMI by 5% in July and maintaining the price pattern.

    Like Walgreens, it is traded in a common triangular pattern. However, instead of the downward triangle pattern, it is trading with a bullish upward triangle pattern.

    please look.

    BMI is bullish

    BadgerMeter Stock Chart Revenue

    This pattern has a green rising support line that extends to the red horizontal resistance level.

    Often they will be a continuation pattern. This means that BMI continues in the same direction that you were trading before the pattern was formed. From the chart at the bottom left, you can see that the price is on the rise.

    The triangular pattern lasts all year round and will eventually occur at some point in the coming weeks. And there is no better time than the announcement of financial results.

    If you close more than $ 110 per share, you will race from there. Keep an eye on this this week. I feel like it will be a big move.

    Chad Shoop is an optional expert at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is the editor of three major newsletters. Quick hit profit, Automatic profit alert When Pure income.. His content is frequently published on Investopedia and Seeking Alpha.Check him out YouTube channel To see his latest market insights.

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