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    Voters move to prevent the reelection of Trump’s ally Madison Cawthorn | Republicans

    A group of North Carolina voters hoped Monday to disqualify state officials from being a candidate for parliament because Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn was involved in an attack on the Capitol on January 6. He said he was.

    Corthorn questioned the outcome of the presidential election at the Save America Rally, before the parliamentary riots rioted later that day and killed five people.

    At the rally, Corthorn made an unfounded allegation that the election was stolen. Donald Trump, And have been accused of dismissing the crowd, many of whom continued to attack the Capitol.

    The lawyer Candidate Challenge Oversees the process of scrutinizing candidates on behalf of the 11 voters of the North Carolina Election Commission.

    Voter Say Kosorn, who was officially submitted as a candidate last month, could not run because he did not comply with the constitutional amendment ratified immediately after the civil war.

    The 1868 amendment states that “a person who previously rebelled or rebelled against the United States Constitution as a member of the House of Representatives cannot serve in the House of Representatives.”

    The written challenge states that the January 6 event was “engaged in a riot,” including Corthorn’s speech at a rally in support of Trump, his other comments, and information in a published report. It provides “reasonable doubt or belief” that he helped promote the riot and is therefore disqualified.

    “Challengers reasonably involved in efforts by Congressman Kosorn to threaten Congress and the Vice President to reject valid voters and destroy the essential constitutional function of an orderly change of power. I’m suspicious, “read the complaint.

    The complaint further elaborated on how Corthorn allegedly promoted the demonstrations in advance, tweeting that “the future of this republic depends on a few lonely actions … it’s time to fight.” The complaint also details the January 6 demonstration and the report of the Corthorn meeting, probably with the planners of the Capitol attack.

    The 26-year-old Corthorn became the youngest member of parliament after the November 2020 elections and became a social media favorite of Trump supporters.He plans to run in a new district that looks more friendly Republican.. He formally submitted a candidacy document shortly before the submission was suspended while the subdivision proceedings were pending.

    Last September, Kosorn caveat North Carolina citizens who could be “bloody” in the future elections he claims could be “continuing to be stolen” and questioned whether Biden was “faithfully elected.” He advised them to start collecting ammunition because he said he was likely to be “bloody” between the United States and the United States against unfavorable election results.

    “When tyranny is enacted, rebellion becomes your duty,” he said, describing the rioters arrested in the January 6 riots as “political prisoners.” He said he was “actively working” on a similar protest plan in Washington.

    Ron Fein, Legal Director of FreeSpeech for People, a national elections and election funding reform group that supports the challenge to Corsorn, told the Guardian that the complaint was “against candidate eligibility based on disqualification clauses submitted since the post-war reconstruction. This is the first legal challenge. ” In the 19th century. “

    He states: “As the Fourteenth Amendment Framer wrote, it shows that we cannot support the Constitution and encourage a rebellion against the United States while expecting to hold public office.”

    Mr Fine said the challenge would be many of the first to the riot-related members of the House of Representatives. A free speech for people and our revolutionary group last week announced that it would urge state managers to keep Trump and the House of Representatives out of future votes.

    He states: “This isn’t just for voters in the area. Riots threaten the entire democratic system of our country, and putting rebels from any state into the parliamentary hall threatens the whole country.”

    The Challenge asks the Board to create a panel of five members from the proposed counties in District 13 to hear the challenge. The panel’s decision can be appealed to the state board and later to court.

    The challengers also asked Corthorn to ask questions under the oath of testimony recording and to summon him and others to obtain the documents before the regional committee was convened.

    John Wallace, a longtime lawyer for the North Carolina democratic movement and also an objectioner, told The Guardian:

    “More than 245,000 patriots from western North Carolina have elected Congressman Kosorn to serve them in Washington,” said Lukeball, a spokesperson for Kosorn.

    Now, “Twelve activists who comically misunderstand and twist the amendments to Article 14 for political gain will not distract him from his service,” Ball said. I have written.

    Voters move to prevent the reelection of Trump’s ally Madison Cawthorn | Republicans

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