Vinny Guadagnino BLASTS Angelina Pivarnick Over Pregnancy Rumor: She’s Scum!


It wasn’t long ago that fans wondered how long, Jersey Shore Family Vacation You will be able to drag.

The viewer who missed the drama in the heyday of the program dubbed it as “Jersey Boa”. Coast It evolved into a kind of semi-script sitcom, and it was entertaining enough with a small amount, but it was a faint imitation of the rating Jaguar Note, which became a popular name in the 2010s.

But so far, JSFV’s fourth season has been successful where its predecessor failed.

In other words, if you’re an old, nasty fan Jersey shoreThis is the season for you.

Things got off to a difficult start when Ronnie Tuna left the show (unfortunately it was only temporary). Arrested for assaulting fiancé Safia Matos..

(Matos later withdrew the indictment and refused to testify in court.)

Shortly thereafter, Staten Island hamsters became the center of the stage. Divorce file from Chris Laranjeira..

Angelina Pivanick: Did you get a new divorce?

But now Angeliners and Chris are stronger than ever and unite with contempt for their common enemy, Vinnie Guadagnino.

Yes, Chris should think it’s a weird AF that his wife is still obsessed with Vinnie, but instead he keeps feeding it.

And in this week’s episode CoastLa Langeira defended his wife after lying that Vinnie had made a woman pregnant.

Angelina Pivanick and her husband

To make matters worse, she then Chris accused him of starting rumors!

Needless to say, Vinnie wasn’t happy with having to deny these claims, and he fully expressed his feelings.

“Angerina and Chris lost me as a friend to lie to me. To make matters worse, I have to be with Angelina last night in Los Angeles,” Guadagnino said Thursday. Said when faced with the prospect of a supper with Jenny in the episode, Dena … and Angelina.

“I didn’t say that. Are you shooting the messenger now?” Angelina protested when Vin raised the issue to her.

Vinnie and Angelina

Surprisingly, her defense is that Chris The person who started the rumor, not her.

“Yes, I’m shooting messenger, because only messenger is here,” said Guadagnino, who is increasingly frustrated.

“Without you, there are no rumors!”

Vinnie G. and Angelina P.

Vinnie told Dina and Jennie that this wouldn’t be an example of Pivalnick being able to pull her usual “Oh, we talked about it, now it’s over” routine, he said. You won’t be able to smile and shake it off. ” “”

For some reason (read “She’s crazy about the drama and crazy about Vinnie”), Angelina called Chris to figure out what was going on.

“He’s f — ingp-ssy. Please answer him. It’s a tiny, slender little p-ssy runt,” Larangeira exclaimed.

Angelina Pivanick and Chris

“I wish I were there to hit him. He wants to talk about me. From now on, don’t talk about me or my wife anymore!”

Jenny pointed out that Angelina called Chris and was “stirring the pot.” Of course, Pivanick didn’t react to this.

“If you guys spread a little rumor, you’re not considered a friend to me. That’s sneaky,” Vinnie told the group at dinner.

Vinnie Guadanino Promo Photo

“Chris is angry with me because he is angry with Angelina. Why are you angry with me?” He asked.

“You guys started it. It’s f — ed up, and the more I talk about this, the more miserable I will be.”

The man makes a valid claim.

Angelina Pivanick and her estranged husband

But hey, this ridiculous case wasn’t a waste of time.

After all, it turned out to be a good TV, and it showed us exactly why Chris was with Angelina for so long:

When the push rushes in, he’s just as trivial and psychotic as her!

Vinny Guadagnino BLASTS Angelina Pivarnick Over Pregnancy Rumor: She’s Scum! Source link Vinny Guadagnino BLASTS Angelina Pivarnick Over Pregnancy Rumor: She’s Scum!

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