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Vinnie Guadagnino has five female choices in “Double Shot at Love” and brings significant reinforcement to this exclusive sneak peak.

Vinnie Guadagnino Take good care of his mother, Paula’sOf course, he had to get her to meet some of his females, because there are opinions above all else. Double Shot at Love.. At the end of the show, Vinny will have five remaining women, effectively introducing them to Paula via FaceTime in the December 2nd episode of the show. HollywoodLife There is Paula’s exclusive sneak peak, asking women to better understand who they are.

First, she asks if they have had a long-term relationship before.when Akieria lacquer Paula was impressed when she revealed that her last relationship was seven years and ended because she realized that her ex didn’t want the same thing as her in the future. “I think my mom really clicks on the Aki area,” admits Vinnie. “Akielia is usually not very active in talking and asking questions, but she can speak out when she wants and knows that it is important when she meets my mother.”

Vinnie Guadagnino at Facetime with her mother Paula. (MTV)

Vinnie also points out how big this step is for him in the process of narrowing down the remaining females. “I won’t introduce my mom to anyone,” he explains. “If you meet my mom, that means you’re important to me, but since this is a two-way path, I hope they like my mom too. . “

Vinnie Paula Guadagnino
Vinnie Guadagnino and her mother Paula. (Broadimage / Shutterstock)

Another answer that Paula seems happy with is Emily “Peach” Pichinonno Share what she likes most about Vinnie. “I’ve actually said I like how close he is to you,” she spouts. “When I’m with someone, I want them to have that good relationship with their mom and know that they treat their mom well. That’s what we get together. It’s an indication of how they would treat me if they did. “

After a seemingly successful supper, Vinnie returns to her room and talks one-on-one with her mother. Unfortunately, her reaction to how things got worse wasn’t what he expected. “They are so nice, Vinh …” she tells him. “But there’s a couple I was surprised that you didn’t send the packing.” Find out how Vinnie reacts Double shot of love Broadcast on MTV at 9:00 pm on Thursday, December 2nd!

Vinnie Guadagnino’s mom asks a woman – Hollywood Life

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