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    Vietnam abandons zero-Covid strategy after record drop in GDP

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    Vietnam has loosened its strict almost three-month blockade in Ho Chi Minh City after severe warnings from business and a record quarterly decline in GDP.

    Relaxing restrictions on movement, factory operations, and other activities in Vietnam’s business capital follows the decision by the country’s Communist Party leaders to abolish the “zero-covid” strategy in favor of a more flexible approach.

    Starting Friday, Ho Chi Minh City’s municipality will allow a gathering of up to 10 people, or up to 50 people if all are fully vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19. The city will also introduce a “green card” system that gives staff more freedom in the normal operation of a company that has been vaccinated twice.

    According to the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, as of Monday, nearly 7 million residents in cities over 10 meters had one dose of Covid vaccine and nearly 3 million had two doses.

    Mitigation is a strict social distance measure in and around Ho Chi Minh City for companies, including groups representing foreign investors who drive Vietnam’s economy. Inconvenient business Encouraged some companies to move production abroad.

    After enforcement Strict quarantine With the 2020 follow-up and follow-up measures, Vietnam has contained new regional infections and has become one of the few growing economies in Asia.

    However, from the middle of this year, a variant of the Delta-Coronavirus that focused on the city of Ho Chi Minh emerged, revealing a failure of government procurement and management of vaccines.

    Starting July 8, authorities have imposed a 12-hour curfew and blockade on the city. This has been strengthened to limit almost all movement, including between cities and the districts that make up the metropolitan area.

    The company was valid I was forced to make a choice While paying for housing and feeding workers at the factory or stopping production.

    The blockade was the hardest hit in labor-intensive sectors such as clothing and footwear, but it also hit electronics producers.Suffering company Problems with suppliers Includes Apple, Samsung, Toyota and Nike.

    Vietnam reported a third-quarter plunge of 6.2% in GDP on Wednesday. It reported the sharpest decline since it began to set records.

    Chin and other government officials have recently acknowledged that Vietnam can no longer pursue a zero-covid strategy and will instead pursue a “new normal” policy aimed at containing the disease.

    At this week’s meeting of the Government’s Covid National Steering Committee, the Ministry of Health adopted a guideline called “Safe Adaptation, Flexibility, and Effective Management of the Covid-19 Pandemic.”

    “Vietnam, like many countries, recognizes that there is no way to exist in a zero-covid environment, which is positive,” said Mary Tarnouka, Secretary-General of the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam. I told the Times. “This move to live safely with viruses is very important.”

    In Vietnam, about 780,000 coronavirus infections and about 19,000 deaths have been reported, almost all of which have been recorded since the beginning of July. Infection rates have slowed in recent weeks after peaking in late August.

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