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    Victoria Messer: My Fiance Can Finally Move to the US! And It’s All Thanks to Leah!

    Back in 2019, Ria Messer and her sister Victoria went on vacation to Costa Rica..

    And the girls’ vacation turned out to be a journey that would change their lives forever.

    It was while in Central America that Victoria interacted with Royer Rodriguez from Costa Rica, who was the rafting guide for the Messer.

    But this wasn’t just a one-night stand.

    In January 2020, Victoria welcomed Royer’s child.

    And last September, despite the distance and language barriers that separated them Victoria and Royer are engaged..

    Now that Royer has finally come to the United States and has been approved to live with Victoria and their two-year-old son Kai, the couple has more reason to celebrate.

    Royer Rodriguez and Lawyer

    Victoria marked the opportunity by posting a photo of Royer with his immigration lawyer.

    “Yeah!” Victoria captioned the photo, according to Ashley’s Reality Summary..

    “Thank you very much [to our lawyer] & My Sith! ”

    Victoria Messer and Ali Asims

    Victoria explained the situation by answering a follower’s question:

    “My fiancé and I have been together for almost three years, waiting for him to come with us!” She writes.

    “He has been approved to come here and be with us!”

    Victoria Messer and baby

    Not surprisingly, Leah was as delighted as her sister.

    “I am very happy for you … now [Royer] Show off your torrent rafting skills in West Virginia this year! She commented on Victoria’s post.

    Royer also expressed his delight in the comments.

    Victoria Messer and Rear Messer

    “I am very grateful to God. You are @ paulwv_304 and @leahmesser,” he writes.

    “I’ve finally finished this long process that was difficult so far. I’m very happy to be with my future wife for the rest of the day. I love you.”

    As for why the couple are grateful to Leah, she provided them with more than just emotional support during the years of struggle for Royer to emigrate to the United States.

    Rear and Victoria

    In addition to supporting attorney fees, Lear has agreed to become a financial sponsor of Royer. That is, until he becomes a US citizen, is granted employment for 10 years, leaves the United States forever, or dies-the first to happen.

    This means that even if Royer and Victoria broke up, even if he stayed in the United States, Leah would still have to reimburse the government for benefits such as food stamps and welfare.

    Needless to say, the support affidavit signed by Lear is a vote of considerable trust.

    MTV rear messer

    And most couples in the Victoria and Royer situation have the luxury of sponsorship, as those who sign the affidavit must prove that their income is at least 125 percent above federal poverty levels. Is not …

    So it’s no exaggeration to say that with the support of three kids and Royer, Leah won’t leave Teen Mom 2 anytime soon.

    The situation is further complicated by the fact that Royer has two children in Costa Rica.

    IG Victoria Messer

    But hey-focus on the positives, not the scary money stuff.

    Victoria, Royer and Kai are finally together with the family!

    And they wouldn’t have been able to achieve it without the love and support of Victoria’s amazing Big Sith!

    Victoria Messer: My Fiance Can Finally Move to the US! And It’s All Thanks to Leah! Source link Victoria Messer: My Fiance Can Finally Move to the US! And It’s All Thanks to Leah!

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