Verizon offering up to $200 off the Apple Watch 7 with a trade-in


Verizon is offering a new Apple Watch as a trade-in for up to $ 200 off.


Looking for your upgrade Apple watch?? Verizon Trade in your old version and buy a new version to get up to $ 200 off your Apple Watch 7.

Pre-order for Apple Watch Series 7 Kicking off on Friday morning, smartwatches will hit the shelves on October 15th. The starting price is $ 399, so a $ 200 discount may seem like a good deal.

However, as with any transaction, you should read the fine print before making a purchase. The main drawback of this offer is that you have to buy an LTE-enabled model. The price of the LTE compatible model is GPS-Version only. You also need to configure the Verizon service for your watch. This will add $ 10 to Verizon’s monthly bill.

In addition, Verizon will have to cover the rest of the watch and repay it over 24 or 30 months. If you cancel the Verizon service before that time expires, you will lose the remaining discount and will be forced to pay your watch immediately.

Conversely, Verizon seems to offer a full $ 200 credit to all versions of the Apple Watch (now including the original version five years ago), assuming the watch is in good condition. So if it’s buried somewhere in the withdrawal, this could actually be a worthwhile deal to adopt Verizon.

reference: Apple Watch 7 and Apple Watch 6: The biggest changes to Apple’s new smartwatch

Verizon offering up to $200 off the Apple Watch 7 with a trade-in Source link Verizon offering up to $200 off the Apple Watch 7 with a trade-in

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