Venus Americans and Mars Europeans


The talented generation of British soccer players was “Golden”. Linkin Park or Green Day CD albums sell for over $ 20. That is, wise governments have been able to eradicate business cycle transitions as much as rubella.

There was so much arrogance in the early days of the millennium that it feels boring to pick one instance for retroactive scrutiny. That is, while others rose in the subsequent incinerator of vanity, this was more or less sung at the edge before falling into the whole.It lives in such a book Strange death in Europe Along Douglas Murray.. The views of Britain and the United States on Emmanuel Macron include some sort of effective globalist free trade, radical Islam, and cultural leftist tragedy.

He talks about the idea that “Americans are from Mars and Europeans are from Venus.” Writer Robert Kagan mentioned each tendency to use the army abroad. In that respect, he was largely right, as the Iraq War showed. But his framing device had a broader meaning. Europe was: Wish wash; lost in the haze of post-Christians of relativism and self-doubt. The United States: was proudly Western. A sturdy person to protect that value. Modern, not postmodern. What is called “moral clarity” was often attributed to the New World, but not to the Old World. It is difficult to explain how well these perceptions have taken root in people under the age of 30.

It’s difficult because they have lived their complete reversal. Where do you think you will now find a more free spirit of rational inquiry on either the German or American campuses? Where do you support Enlightenment individualism to counter the march of rights of French and American groups? Which country is likely to tell the radicalized youth that in reality we will not overturn our entire understanding of the history of the country? But thank you: Italy or the United States? If you have frequent opportunities to cross the Atlantic Ocean, on which side do you often walk on eggshells? In short, which places are committed to the point of Chauvinism to the culture and which are more prone to certain wrinkles?

If you push this argument too far, it will be as badly old as the 20-year-old argument it was designed to publish.Europe has no immunity le wokisme (For example, some people stop using that gender definite article in French). Some of the source philosophies are French. The United States may be just ten years or so ahead along the bumpy road to the general awakened fate.

However, it would still confuse intellectuals around 2003. For them, Europe was a pioneer of decadence and nihilism. The United States was much slower to lose confidence in it, if not the keeper of the Western Flames. Why did they make it so wrong?

The biggest mistake was to define cultural threats as Muslim immigrants rather than domestic corruption. I never wondered how arrivals from Maglev and the Middle East would, for example, balance the lives of Germans and Swedes. Hard to foresee is the classic in the US newsrooms, publishers, corporate C-suites, and other weather-making workplaces for 7th-generation Americans who go through colleges that easily precede the Republic. It was to overturn the norms of liberalism. “You do it yourself,” sang Radiohead, “and it really hurts.”

How rude the United States and Europe challenged their millennial stereotypes. If there is a lesson here, it is for one country that may plausibly choose which of the two countries to turn to. Brexit, which increasingly demands to set the theme for Benny Hill, has always appealed to those who are in a hurry about the cultural left. It’s good to worry. The mystery is how it matches devout Atlanticism on Earth. If awakening is such a threat, then leaving Europe, which is often unreconstructed, seems terrible. It is even stranger to accept the United States, where many of the Western heritage are “problematic.” The economic case of buyer’s remorse for Brexit is well documented. Cultural things can be even more annoying.

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Venus Americans and Mars Europeans

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