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    Vampire bats hunt and eat with trusted companions, studies show

    NS New research Shows that female bats meet roosts while looking for food, cooperate in hunting trips, and even chat with each other while sharing food.

    Scientists have attached a small “backpack computer” to 50 female vampire bats. Twenty-three of them were bred for two years and 27 were wild. He then returned the bats to wild roosts for two weeks in a cattle pasture in Panama’s Tre.

    “Everything we’ve studied with vampire bats has seen what they’re doing in roosts. What no one really knew so far was these social relationships roosting. “Is it doing something outside of the world?” Said research co-author Gerald Carter, assistant professor of evolution, ecology, and biobiology at The Ohio State University. Press release..

    Researchers said that bats, a “closely tied” roost companion, groomed each other and shared a meal of regurgitated blood when they were hunting without leaving the roost together. I discovered that I met him far away from my house. They even seemed to “talk” to each other with three different types of calls, sometimes sharing food from the same cow while calling each other.

    Vampire batIt feeds on the blood of birds, cows, and even sleeping animals such as humans that live in warm tropics such as Panama where the study was conducted.

    Scientists also observed three different calling types among bats while they were foraging. There are “downward” social calls, hostile “buzz” calls, and “n-shaped” feeding calls, the last of which was previously recorded in either captive or wild bats. did not.

    Researchers say this “may allow bats to meet with trusted partners during foraging trips and share information about their hosts and access to open wounds,” and the social ties between roosting bats. Believe that they have successfully obtained food and have shown that they are possible. Join forces to compete with other bats for food resources.

    “Understanding the interaction with a completely different group of bats in the meadow will help you understand what is happening in the colony. Participating in combat each time you leave the roost will help you in the colony. The amount of cooperation could increase, “Carter said.

    Not surprisingly, the bats, who spent the most time “hanging out” on the roost, also spent the most time together during foraging.

    “If you think about it, long interactions are more likely to be cooperative or friendly than short encounters, and are neutral or offensive,” said Simon Ripperger, a former postdoctoral fellow in the Carters lab. It could be a target. ” “Even if I was alone in the cow, I could see it voicing and voicing back and forth, so I could see that it was interacting while feeding.”

    This study, published in PLOS Biology, does not investigate whether male vampire bats have the same type of close relationship as females.

    “How far does’friendship’go?” Researchers ponder in a press release. “The vampire bat’s social ties are not limited to roosting and sharing food, but the ties are hunted together, highlighting the complexity of social relationships.”

    Vampire bats hunt and eat with trusted companions, studies show

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