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    Value Stocks ETF to Buy Before Fed’s 2022 Rate Hikes

    Defeated Bloomberg.

    About a month ago, I made a bold forecast for the 2022 stock market. Go here For all the details, but here is the conclusion: Value stocks will rise to growth stock levels this year.

    In a poll on the YouTube page, 48% disagreed and believed that growth stocks would once again dominate the market.

    I was expecting it.

    A few days ago, I read a Bloomberg article supporting my predictions … a few weeks after making the predictions.

    In this episode Bull & Bear, I share why this market shift is important and provide a way to regenerate the potential rise in value stocks.

    Value stocks begin to fill the gap

    It’s no secret that growth stocks have kicked the tail of value stocks for years.

    When the Federal Reserve maintains low interest rates, the profits from high-growth stocks are more valuable and investors continue to accumulate money on these high-yielding stocks.

    But in December, the Fed pointed out and hinted at a reduction in bond purchases. Raise this in the future Year.

    Higher rates mean that future profits from high-growth stocks are worth less. Investors do not benefit significantly from rising interest rates, as expectations for growth fall and future cash flows fall.

    And the market is getting a lot of attention.

    Growth stocks have outperformed value stocks since the summer of 2021, according to a comparison of the MSCI World Value Index and the MSCI World Growth Index.

    However, if we focus on the end of 2021, we can see that growth stocks have begun to decline and value stocks continue to increase returns.

    I think this will make my forecast table closer to reality than expected.Share with you what other analysts have said in this episode Bull & Bear.. We will also reveal how to realize this potential to make a profit on value stocks.

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