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    Valneva says Covid jab yields stronger immune response than AstraZeneca’s

    Varneva’s Covid-19 vaccine has far fewer side effects than Oxford / AstraZeneca jab, according to trial results released a month after the UK closed a € 1.4 billion deal with a French vaccine maker. Induces a stronger immune response.

    Initial data from a phase 3 study showed that participants who received the Varneva vaccine had more neutralizing antibodies than those who received AstraZeneca injections.

    The number of participants vaccinated with the Valneva vaccine was significantly lower and no serious adverse events were reported. In many countries, the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine has been restricted to the elderly or completely discontinued due to the rare side effects of blood clotting.

    “We … Valneva Chief Executive Officer Thomas Ringerbach said:

    Adam Finn, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Bristol and investigator, said the immune response was “impressive and very encouraging.”

    “This is a much more traditional vaccine manufacturing approach than previously deployed vaccines in the United Kingdom, Europe and North America, and these results show that this vaccine candidate plays an important role in overcoming a pandemic. It suggests that you are riding in, “he said.

    Valneva’s share price rose 43% on Monday.They fell 42 percent on the first day of last month after the British government said it Termination of contract Buy at least 100 million doses of vaccine. The government accused the vaccine makers of violating the contract, and Valneva violently denied it.

    The trials of more than 4,600 people were smaller and differently designed, unlike previous Phase 3 trials. The vaccine was compared to AstraZeneca injections because the use of placebo is no longer considered ethical as approved jabs are available. The study compared antibody levels to those induced by the AstraZeneca vaccine, rather than calculating the overall efficacy rate based on the number of illnesses. There were no severe cases of Covid-19 in either group.

    When the UK canceled the contract, people familiar with data from another trial to evaluate booster doses said the Varneva vaccine did not work better than the others. The results of that test, called Cov-Boost, have not yet been published. Valneva is not responding to requests for comment.

    In the UK, about four-fifths of people over the age of 12 are fully vaccinated. The UK may only focus on shots that have proven useful in boosts.

    The British government has invested in Valneva’s Scottish manufacturing plant in Livingston to boost domestic production of vaccines. When the investment was announced in August 2020, then-Minister of Business Kwasi Kwarteng described the plant as a “vaccine-producing powerhouse.”

    Ministers have been accused of failing to properly explain why they suddenly canceled the contract. Health Minister Sajid Javid initially told the House of Representatives that the vaccine would not be approved by regulatory agencies.

    However, Havid was forced to revise the minister’s record, explaining that he intended to say that the vaccine had not yet been approved. As a result, Clive Dix, a former Vaccine Task Force vice-chairman, has called for Javid to resign.

    Livingston’s SNPMP Hannah Bardell said the British minister had questions about why he canceled the Varneva contract. “They need to urgently rethink their decisions,” she said.

    The government did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

    Valneva has begun rolling submissions to the UK Pharmaceutical and Medical Product Regulatory Authority and is preparing to begin the application process for conditional approval in the EU.

    Valneva says Covid jab yields stronger immune response than AstraZeneca’s Source link Valneva says Covid jab yields stronger immune response than AstraZeneca’s

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