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    Vaccines saved 400 lives in Nevada, study of Medicare recipients suggests – Las Vegas, Nevada

    Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-10-05 14:00:00 –

    Las Vegas (KLAS) — Vaccination against COVID-19 is estimated to have saved 400 lives between January and the end of May for Medicare recipients in Nevada. Study published today..

    Overall, the study concludes that vaccination reduced COVID-19 hospitalizations and mortality, with higher vaccination rates directly reducing cases, hospitalizations, and mortality.

    Studies have shown that for every 10% increase in county immunization rates, COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths are reduced by 11-12%, as is infection among Medicare recipients. “.

    In the case of Nevada, this means a 2,100 reduction in COVID-19 cases for Medicare recipients, a 1,000 reduction in hospitalizations, and 400 lives saved.

    Nationally, the study states that 39,000 deaths were prevented, 265,000 COVID-19 infections were reduced, and 107,000 were hospitalized among Medicare recipients.

    And while predictions say that pandemic casualties will be significantly reduced, studies emphasize how effective vaccination is early in the cycle.

    “This suggests that the initial increase in vaccination rates is likely to be very effective, and even a slight increase in vaccination rates has significant rewards,” the researchers said.

    The January-May study on the effects of the vaccine focused on Medicare beneficiary claims related to COVID and provided details not available in other studies that found a significant reduction in mortality.

    The delta mutants, which surged after the study period, had a very high vaccination rate by the time the mutants began to spread, which may further prove the effectiveness of vaccination.

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