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    Vaccines remain the best defense against this COVID-19 variant and others

    The best way to prevent the emergence of new variants is to increase the proportion of vaccinated individuals while maintaining infection control measures such as wearing masks and increasing social distance. Credits: Shutterstock

    We overcame another pandemic winter vacation. Fortunately, the number of COVID-19 deaths has decreased from the previous year, but it was still not ideal. With December 25 as the base date Mortality from COVID-19 In the United States, there were 4.28 million in 2021 compared to 7.48 million in 2020. In Canada, the number was 0.42 million in 2021, compared to 2.95 million in the previous year, a far significant decrease.

    The difference that vaccination makes is Corresponding percentage of fully vaccinated people: 61.4 percent in the United States compared to 77.1 percent in Canada.. The higher the vaccination rate in Canada, the lower the mortality rate.

    As Doctor As a COVID-19 researcher, I am with an increase in vaccination rates Infection prevention Practice to fight Pandemic..

    Waiting for natural herd immunity does not correct this or save lives. In the United States 55 million people who tested positive for COVID-19 Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has accounted for only about 17% of the population of about 330 million, far from the level required for herd immunity. Vaccination is the only ethical means of achieving herd immunity.


    Unfortunately, the Omicron variant is More likely to infect people than past variantsStudies awaiting peer reviews have shown that it is likely to infect individuals who have been fully vaccinated and boosted. This new form of virus is the product of its natural evolution. The longer the pandemic, the more virus-induced changes.

    The best way to prevent the emergence of new variants is to increase the proportion of vaccinated individuals while maintaining infection control measures, such as following face mask recommendations. Avoid crowds.. Vaccinated people are less likely to get the virus if they get infected..

    Most cases and death Continue to affect unvaccinated individuals.. As with most illnesses and deaths in recent months, further illnesses and deaths are largely preventable. Vaccine refusal in the absence of justifiable medical reasons and in non-compliance with infection precautions is a major cause of continued pandemic difficulties.

    Vaccines and mutants

    Vaccines continue to be an effective tool for ending a pandemic, especially for Omicron.This is despite studies waiting for peer review to show that new variants may have More likely to infect people than past variants, And may be able to infect more fully vaccinated and boosted individuals.

    More data is needed to see how infectious Omicron is Mutant Compared to others There are concerns about Omicron’s ability to infect vaccinated individuals (although less than unvaccinated individuals)... In other words, infection prevention activities such as wearing masks and increasing social distance are still essential, regardless of vaccination status. Poor compliance with these measures may be sufficient to increase the number of cases in the community, Even those who have received many vaccinations.

    Vaccines are less protective against infecting Omicron than other variants, They provide important protection against the development of infectious diseases When Severe illness..

    For those who are already infected with COVID-19 but have not been vaccinated, the evidence available so far suggests that they should still be vaccinated. Because past infections couldn’t prevent Omicron.. It is claimed that Omicron causes mild illness, but this cannot be relied upon if the infected individual is still facing the significant potential for severe illness.

    There are a few months left in winter, COVID-19 The case is inflated again.. There is reason to believe that the pandemic will get worse before it improves.

    Pandemic toolkit

    Booster shots are readily available in the United States and are increasingly available in Canada. Boosters have been shown to enhance protection against Omicron variants..

    everyone’s Social responsibility To get a booster, except for a few people who are allergic to vaccine ingredients.According to the survey Being very allergic to something that is not related to the vaccine is rarely the same as the expected severe allergic reaction to the vaccine...

    I was allergic to shellfish and accidentally ate it, so I went to the hospital. Nothing happened to me when I received any of the three shots of the COVID-19 vaccine. The above studies suggest that this is true for most people with allergies other than vaccines.

    The risk of COVID-19 far outweighs the very small risk of having an allergic reaction to the vaccine. Should there be an allergic reaction to the vaccine, such a reaction is usually mild and easy to treat.

    If we work together, the pandemic will improve.Omicron News and Its Meaning vaccination Effectiveness has been disappointed and more systems are in place to accommodate this change and future changes in the pandemic. Pfizer, one of the effective COVID-19 vaccine pharmaceutical companies, We have already announced that we are ready to produce vaccines adapted to the changing virus... We can expect other manufacturers to follow suit to ensure that the treatments needed to address this challenge are available.

    This leaves it to the consumer, or us, to play our role in ending the pandemic.

    Why are so many recently vaccinated people infected with COVID-19?

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