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    Vaccines reduce COVID transmission by 40%: WHO

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    WHO said Wednesday that the COVID vaccine would reduce infections with the predominant delta mutant by about 40%, warning people of false reassurance.

    World Health Organization Chief Tedros Adhanom Gebreyes urged vaccinated people to continue measures to avoid COVID-19 infection and transmission of the disease.

    He said last week that more than 60 percent of all cases and deaths reported by COVID-19 occurred again in Europe.

    A huge number of cases were converted into unsustainable pressure Medical system Exhausted Health care workers, He said.

    “We are concerned about the false sense of security that the vaccine will end the pandemic and that vaccinated people will not need to take any other precautions,” Tedros told reporters.

    “Vaccines save lives, but they cannot completely prevent infection.

    “Data suggest that the vaccine reduced infection by about 60 percent before the arrival of the Delta variant. In Delta, it dropped to about 40 percent.”

    The more contagious delta mutants are now by far the predominant worldwide, mostly congesting the original strain with other mutants.

    According to WHO’s weekly epidemiological report, 99.8% of the 845,000 sequences uploaded to the GISAID Global Science Initiative along with specimens collected over the last 60 days were deltas.

    “If you’re vaccinated, your risk of serious illness or death is much lower, but you’re still at risk of getting infected and infecting others,” Tedros said.

    “I can’t say this clearly enough. Even if you’re vaccinated, keep taking precautions to avoid infecting yourself or others who may die. . ”

    Vaccinated health workers release less COVID-19 virus than unvaccinated health workers

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    Vaccines reduce COVID transmission by 40%: WHO Source link Vaccines reduce COVID transmission by 40%: WHO

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