Monday, October 25, 2021

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    Vaccinated Americans “can go out and enjoy Halloween,” says Fauci.US news

    Americans should celebrate the good news about the decline in Covid cases as the holiday season approaches, but should not “declare victory prematurely” against the coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Sunday. Told.

    The right approach to increasing vaccination and adhering to public health precautions will contribute to happiness Halloween The White House’s Chief Medical Advisor pointed out an imminent federal review of data that would lead children aged 5 to 12 to decide whether they were eligible for a shot for their children.

    “You can get out of it, especially if you’re vaccinated,” Fauci told CNN’s show.

    “At least when my kids are doing trick or treat, you’re mostly outdoors. [they were], And enjoy it. This is a time children love and is a very important part of the year for them.

    “So … if you’re not vaccinated, think again. It will add more protection to you, your children, your family and your community, so get vaccinated. It’s a good time to think about why it’s important, but go there and enjoy Halloween and other upcoming holidays. “

    resistance Resistance to vaccination is strongest in Republican-run states, as elected civil servants wield public skepticism. As a political club At the local, state, and national levels.U.S. deaths Over 712,000, From more than 44 million cases. The majority of hospitalizations and deaths are among unvaccinated people.

    Fauci will not be drawn on whether the United States should implement its vaccination obligations for air travel, As Canada didMillions of Americans usually fly in before the holiday season, which also includes Thanksgiving and Christmas. family..

    As the proliferation of Delta variants receded, he noted a decline in the number of cases of Covid, hospitalizations, and deaths, Forch said.

    “There are still about 68 million people who have not been vaccinated and are eligible to be vaccinated. Even those who have been vaccinated can look forward to the holiday season and spend time with their families. But don’t raise your hand and say it’s all over. “

    Asked how long it will take vaccinated Americans to safely remove their masks indoors, Forch said:

    “Even if we say we’re heading in the right direction, we have less than 100,000 cases per day, averaging about 95,000 for seven days. That’s still too high. We want to pave the way. I want it to be well below 10,000 and much lower.

    “But when you’re at 95,000, it’s still a situation where you have a high degree of dynamic circulation of viruses in the community.”

    Fauci also said, “Looking at the history of the surge and decline in incidents over a period of time, they can recover, so we have to do what we need to do, especially to vaccinate more people. For example, I don’t always want to know that it won’t happen. “

    Vaccinated Americans “can go out and enjoy Halloween,” says Fauci.US news

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