Using public roads, trucking startup TuSimple completes 80-mile autonomous run – TechCrunch


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Hello everyone. Welcome to the Daily Ranch on December 29, 2021.

This will be the last daily lunch of the year as the news machine looks like it’s ending for a New Year’s nap. It is an honor to be able to put these together. Alex It was AFK — alas, my little sprint is over. Alex should be back next week, and I’m moving to help put together all the news from CES.

Thanks to the Daily Ranch team and everyone who let me hang out for a few days. Have a safe and wonderful New Year!

— —Greg

TechCrunch Top 3

  • TuSimple’s biggest test ever: Autonomous truck company TuSimple states that it has completed its first unmanned test run on public roads and successfully completed an 80-mile trip without human intervention. Do children on future road trips know the joy of persuading truck drivers to honk?
  • Six things we didn’t know about cybersecurity last year: Our security editor, Zack Whittaker, knows him, so I’ll listen when he lists a lot of new cybersecurity things for him this year. For example, the biggest cost of a ransomware attack is often not the ransom itself.
  • 2022 eVTOL: 2022 is finally eVTOL … is it the year to take off? Called the “jump! Rockgirl” of an electric aircraft that can hover vertically and take off and land, Aria Alamalhodaei looks at the current state of the industry and future flight path challenges from different perspectives. Linked above is Part 2. Part 1 earlier this month.

Startup / VC

  • Global Bees joins the Unicorn Club. GlobalBees is an Indian company specializing in the acquisition / alliance of promising “digital native brands” that support growth, raising $ 110 million in rounds and valuing it at $ 1.1 billion.
  • Southeast Asian Startups to Watch in 2022: “As someone who covers the story of Southeast Asian start-ups and funding, the best word I can think of to describe 2021 is’Oh!’” Written by Catherine Shoe.

Dear Sophie: Is the H-1B Lottery based on maximum wages?

Image credit: Bryce Durbin / TechCrunch

Dear Sophie,

I graduated in December and am currently working on OPT for an early stage biotechnology startup. I don’t know how much my employer knows about the H-1B lottery process or if they plan to put me in the lottery.

I heard that the next lottery will not select candidates for H-1B based on the highest salary paid. What else should I know?

— Talented graduates

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Big Tech Co., Ltd.

  • Samsung C-Lab: One of my favorite parts of CES is unfortunately skipped directly this year, but many large companies are using CES as a way to showcase secret projects they’ve been tinkering with in-house incubators. Is to be. .. Brian Heater has a list of Samsung’s latest side quests. This can range from pet recognition AI to diaper sensors.
  • Apple has put Foxconn plant on probation: Apple has suspended operations at its 17,000 factories in India after reports that hundreds of employees had to be treated for food poisoning. Apple has sent an independent auditor to assess food safety and living conditions, and states that local governments are also demanding action.

TechCrunch Expert

DC Expert

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Using public roads, trucking startup TuSimple completes 80-mile autonomous run – TechCrunch Source link Using public roads, trucking startup TuSimple completes 80-mile autonomous run – TechCrunch

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