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    USF to present final St. Pete structural racism report – Tampa, Florida

    Tampa, Florida 2021-12-09 07:49:44 –

    NS. Petersburg, Florida — “What exactly does St. Petersburg want to be?” Asked Gwendolyn Reese, who lives in St. Petersburg.

    That is the question that residents are currently asking city leaders.

    “We saw so much evidence of explicit racism throughout the city,” Reese said.

    This comes after months of research on structural racism in the community.

    “Our goal is to create a healing and inclusive environment in the city of St. Petersburg,” said Dr. Ruthmae Sears, project leader and associate professor of mathematics at the University of South Florida.

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    “This is the time to look at history honestly and honestly. In this history, various institutions have played a role in perpetuating structural racism,” Reese said.

    A team at the University of South Florida has partnered with the city to investigate the historical and contemporary impact of systematic racism on the lives of blacks in St. Pete.

    They will submit a final report to the city council on Thursday.

    They have found problems in several areas.

    “Discrimination was well documented, especially in policies related to law and order,” Sears said.

    The project leader says the data showed disproportionate arrests.

    “A look at the arrest records shows that blacks are more likely to be arrested, and the percentage of blacks arrested is higher than the percentage of blacks who actually live in the community,” Sears said.

    “I’m really thinking about how it affects the prejudice against who is the criminal. There are many studies done nationally on our own prejudices. We all have them. Stereotypes, we have them, but how does it affect our decisions and behaviors that affect others, “she added.

    Their study even showed problems with the city council in the past.

    “Some of the people who attended the council were separatists and worked with the KKK, so they supported a white supremacist or oppressive perspective in decision-making,” Sears said.

    “There was real concern that what was happening behind the door of the city council was not the progress of the black community,” she added.

    Project leaders also found that discriminatory policies and practices have been common in some parts of the city for many years, affecting the economic, educational, and health outcomes of black residents. discovered.

    Sears said the medical disparity began with the birth of blacks.

    “In Pineras, which has an infant mortality rate of 6.8, it is higher than that of the state, with a black infant mortality rate of 12.9, more than double that of white infants in the region.”

    A team of USF researchers have discovered disparities in wages, housing opportunities, and even infrastructure.

    “These findings emphasize that it was not a lack of knowledge that there was a problem, but a lack of effort to fix the problem,” Sears said.

    This study includes stories, police, and action plans for changes in institutional practices to end urban structural racism.

    “Every minute, every second, someone is hurt. So I have to tell you to start now. Recognize that it will take time and figure out when to start so that time does not pass We need to do that, “says Sears.

    “After listening to the members of the community, they made it very clear. They don’t want another study. They want a practical item, which is important,” she said. Added.

    Here are some recommendations that researchers may suggest to move forward:

    • Establish a capital department within the mayor’s office
    • Create effective accountability strategies with measurable results that are tracked over time using data
    • Create a Permanent Resident Race Equity Board or Committee to ensure sustainability
    • Consider repair approaches to address the gaps revealed by data and other reports

    “Rather than just repeating history as a cycle, our goal is to say what we have learned. We have seen these trends. Let’s move forward,” Sears said. ..

    “As a community, we still have something to do to put together that we are all together. We all promise to make this place a better place for all of us. “Masu,” she added.

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    USF to present final St. Pete structural racism report Source link USF to present final St. Pete structural racism report

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