USA will host the Rugby World Cup in 2031 – or it will return to the drawing board | America Rugby Union Team


THe is all blacks ” Visit to Washington DC Just strengthened American hope in October Rugby World Cup staging Unless World Rugby decides to “return to the drawing board” completely, the United States will be announced as the host country for 2031 in May next year, said Ross Young, CEO of USA Rugby.

Young talked to the Guardian following World Rugby announcement An “exclusive target dialogue” with the United Kingdom on the same status of Australia for men in 2027 and the United States on women’s events in 2031 and potentially two years ago as a priority candidate for hosting women’s events in 2025. “.

World rugby Chief executive officer “Alan Gilpin was very clear here,” Young said. “Everyone else is clearly aware that we are in an exclusive period now, so the World Cup will be awarded in May 31st, or they will return to the drawing board. They aren’t going to announce anyone else. “

Young said the change in World Rugby’s policy of partnering with the union to host the World Cup is in line with US plans. The host country has.

“The big attraction of the World Cup coming here is that rugby is actually starting to unlock, or using the 10-year path to unlock the world’s largest media market, or Unleash the potential of its media market.

“… We talk a lot about major events from a legacy perspective and what to do with post-event sports. Talking with World Rugby is a partnership over development funding. That’s how to promote that legacy fund Previous The event will ultimately be financially and financially successful for everyone.

“If we sit down and wait for the actual development costs to come out of the tournament after the 31st, we will lose a big chance. Meanwhile, before the tournament, we will raise our brand name, increase the value of the game, If we can enhance the Eagles brand and the World Rugby brand, we will get better results for everyone. “

Unfortunately, the All Blacks match at FedExField had worrisome results on the pitch. Men’s Eagles recorded their first attempt with New Zealand, Extinction, 104-14..

Young said the game did better than bad.

“No one likes being beaten by All Blacks, but when we entered the game, the general intent was that it was a slightly more developed aspect of All Blacks. I know. Unfortunately, due to Covid’s restrictions, they were all stuck in Queensland. [prior to the game] With Richie Mo’unga back, Damian McKenzie is back. They kicked the ball twice … When was the last time you saw an international match where one team only kicked twice?

“For me, it showed a lot of positive points about the big rugby brand. Obviously, the World Cup is also a huge brand.”

Young pointed out a game that attracted more than 40,000 fans, despite Covid’s travel ban. He also lamented that he had lost the opportunity to attract traveling fans due to the canceled match against Ireland in Las Vegas, pushing back on the financially lost proposal from USA Rugby hosting New Zealand. ..

“Under normal circumstances, the game would be about the same as the All Blacks, but it all depended on how many people came from the door. It wasn’t just about playing the game for a small fee. did.”

Young also paid tribute to his close cooperation with Washington citizens, including Old Glory DC. Major League Rugby, And city authorities.

“It’s a pain, but I have to admit,” he said. You can’t miss 20 players [as against the All Blacks]This means you need to focus more on the route and have more player choices available.

“There is a long way to go for us to be competitive. Games outside the window will not work in the next few World Cups.”

Americans are not the only ones suffering. November, women’s team without key players 89 points shipped to the UK..

England’s Sarah Byrne played against the United States in Worcester in November. Photo: Bob Bradford-CameraSport / CameraSport / Getty Images

Asked if better equipment was possible, Young pointed to Japan. In the four years before the success of the 2019 World Cup, Brave Blossom played 12 games against top-notch opponents, he said. Eagles played twice (and won once, 2018 against Scotland). According to Young, once the US World Cup is confirmed, more US can be expected to exert power against stronger teams.

How strong US rugby is is an evergreen issue. Young said in favor of the MLR he and Gilpin attended before the All Blacks match, 13 teams – The Dallas Jackals will enter next year – may not be ideal.

“Most of it goes back on track,” says Young, referring to college and club games struggling for unity and clarity.

One of the most unusual American club scenes is American Raptors, the new name for an effort to train crossover athletes. Shortage of Glendale, Colorado By interest Part of MLR, Feed the player. Young praised the Raptors’ performance in the field, including a trip to South America.

But he says: We want to be together and have continuity, so they don’t fall apart. I don’t want to keep pulling in different directions. “

USA will host the Rugby World Cup in 2031 – or it will return to the drawing board | America Rugby Union Team

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