US Rejects Request for Regulation or Ban on “Killer Robots” | US News


The United States has rejected the request for a binding agreement that regulates or bans the use of “killer robots” and has proposed a “code of conduct” instead. United Nations..

At a conference in Geneva, in a talk focused on finding common ground in the use of such so-called deadly autonomous weapons, U.S. officials used them through “legally binding means.” I opposed the idea of ​​regulation.

At this meeting, government experts were preparing for high-level consultations at a review meeting on the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons from December 13th to 17th.

“In our view, the best way to make progress is to develop a non-binding code of conduct,” US official Josh Drosin said at the conference.

The United Nations has been hosting diplomatic negotiations in Geneva since 2017 with the aim of reaching an agreement on how to deal with the use of killer robots.

Demanded by activists and many countries Total ban on weapons that could allow humans to use deadly forces without overseeing the process Then create the final kill order.

In November 2018, UN chief Antonio Guterres joined the call for a ban, but so far countries have not even agreed on whether weapons need to be regulated.

During the debate on Thursday, many countries, including India and the United States, criticized the idea of ​​a legally binding agreement.

Dorosin argued for a code of conduct that “helps the state promote responsible behavior and compliance with international law.”

Campaign participants did not agree.

“The state has a historic opportunity to ensure meaningful human control over the use of force and prevent the world where machines make life-and-death decisions,” said Claire Conboy, a campaign to stop the killer. .. robot..

“The independent process for negotiating a new law on killer robots will be more effective and comprehensive than current diplomatic negotiations,” HRW senior weapons researcher Bonnie Doherty said in a statement.

US Rejects Request for Regulation or Ban on “Killer Robots” | US News

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