US offers more monkeypox vaccine to states and cities


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U.S. officials say they are able to produce more measles vaccines than previously planned — thanks to a design change that allows more shots to be taken from each vial.

The US Department of Health and Human Services previously expected to authorize 221,000 doses from Monday. But officials said they will issue 442,000 doses for orders through state, local and regional departments.

The emergency release was only possible because US health officials said so last week that they would spread the limited supply of Jynneos monkeypox prevention by giving people one-fifth of the usual dose, injected under the skin. Previously, each vaccine required a full vial injected deep into the tissue. They cite studies that show that reducing the dose is very effective.

An average of 442,000 would equal about 88,000 vials.

Officials say the new method allows them to administer hundreds of thousands more doses now as they collect data on how the shots are used. This will help the government to ensure that vaccines are given to the people who need them the most, officials said.

US officials previously deployed more than 630,000 doses, although not all were used.

Federal health officials have suggested that they will need about 3.2 million injections to treat all those considered at the highest risk. meningitis.

The US has signed up for 800,000 more cancer vaccines

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