US intelligence officials warn companies in critical sectors on China


US intelligence officials have launched a campaign to warn US companies about the risks of interacting with China in key industries to make it difficult for Beijing to obtain technology and data.

The National Counterintelligence and Security Center wants to raise awareness of the connections between Chinese companies and government, military and intelligence agencies. The effort covers five sectors: artificial intelligence, quantum computing, biotechnology, semiconductors, and autonomous systems.

Michael Orlando, Deputy Director of NCSC, a branch of the US intelligence community focused on threats from China, said Beijing was “using a series of legal, illegal and quasi-legal methods” of intellectual property about US citizens. He said he was acquiring property and data. It will be used to try to dominate important industries.

As part of the push, Orlando and his team have contacted US companies about the risks, and many companies are unaware of the direct and hidden links between Chinese companies and universities and national security, or Beijing states that it was “using the entire government” approach to gaining technology. “

For example, China is using the “Citizen-Military Fusion” program to force companies to share technology with military and intelligence agencies. Beijing has also introduced legislation that makes it easier to protect access to personal data.

“People haven’t digested this,” Orlando said, stressing that the US government hasn’t instructed businesses not to do business with China. “If you do business and collaborate, be wise.”

U.S. officials are increasingly concerned as China closes the gap with the United States in industries such as AI and shows signs of progress in areas such as: Hypersonic weapons.. Orlando must ensure that U.S. companies are not helping U.S. companies make profits for quantum computing to help Chinese groups break the security encryption code used by U.S. intelligence agencies. He said it was an example.

Veteran counterintelligence officials who previously worked for the FBI and CIA did not reveal the name of the company they were meeting with, but said they would soon discuss it with a US financial institution.

Edward Yu, head of national counterintelligence for emerging and disruptive technologies, said biotechnology is an important area as China is driving the acquisition of medical data on US citizens.

He pointed out companies that offer cheap services to US companies and hospitals, such as BGI, a genetic research group based in Shenzhen. You added that China is at risk of getting a complete dataset of American citizens. “Cannot be changed [your DNA] Like a pin code, “he said.

“They are on the road to developing the world’s largest dataset,” he added.

Orlando said another purpose of the campaign was to make sure that it didn’t help US companies provide China with the technology that would allow them to control them. “We cannot afford to lose supremacy in these areas. [so] This guarantees this level of outreach, “he said.

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