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    Understanding the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

    The Rittenhouse continued to run. NS director Report The Rittenhouse was chased by a crowd, including Hoover. The Rittenhouse also passed by Grosskreutz, who was livestreaming the scene. Grosskreutz took out the pistol and started chasing Rittenhouse.

    NS director Report“A few yards later, Rittenhouse stumbled and fell to the ground. An unidentified man ran towards him and jumped and kicked. Rittenhouse fired at him but missed. Then Hoover came. Shake There was a skateboard on the shoulder of the Rittenhouse and I reached for the rifle. Rittenhaus fired again and hit Hoover’s chest. The last one to come was Grosskreutz, who pulled a pistol and ran towards the Rittenhouse. Rifle House raised the rifle and shot. A bullet tore the biceps of Grosskreutz’s right arm. ”

    Who were the victims?

    Rittenhaus shot dead 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum and 26-year-old Anthony Huber. He also shot Gaige Grosskreutz, 26, who survived the trial and testified.

    according to Washington postRosenbaum was a homeless man who spent many years in prison for sex crimes against children. That day he was released from the hospital after an attempted suicide, and director, “Abandoned on the streets of Kenosha.” CNN Report Rosenbaum was unarmed and threw what looked like a plastic bag into the Rittenhouse. CNN reports that the video footage shows Rosenbaum following the Rittenhouse. Rittenhaus shot him four times. “If I had Mr. Rosenbaum steal my firearm, he would have killed me and probably more people,” Rittenhaus said at the stand.

    Hoover, director Reportedly, he was a friend of Blake, a victim of police shooting. Grosskreutz was a former paramedic and anti-police violent activist. He was in protest to dispense medical care. He was armed with a pistol and had a hidden carry permit.

    What did the jury decide?

    The jury found Rittenhouse acquittal of all five counts, including murder.

    Why do people keep talking about judges?

    Bruce Schroeder, a judge in the Rittenhouse case, draws his own headlines throughout the proceedings. For one thing, before the trial, he made it clear that the word “victim” should not be used. Times Report It is a common practice in criminal cases. However, he also said that the terms “predator” and “rioter” could apply to men shot by Rittenhouse if Rittenhouse lawyers could provide adequate evidence.

    Schroeder has allowed Rittenhouse to create a voucher to appoint 12 juries to verdict the case. The Daily Beast Report.. Schroeder provided an explanation, saying that when he finally allowed the clerk to draw the jury’s name, as always, only “blacks, blacks, the only blacks” were not chosen from the mountains. rice field.

    At another moment, Schroeder was angry when he was entangled with a lawyer for prosecution in a series of cross-examinations. And at some point He started singing, A cappella, jazz tune “Autumn Leaves”.

    What will happen next?

    according to ABC7 ChicagoGovernor Tony Evers has called for the waiting of 500 National Guards, although no protests have yet taken place in Kenosha by 2:55 pm on Friday.

    “Look, I support the jury’s conclusion,” said President Joseph Biden. Said Friday afternoon reporter. “The jury system is working and we must comply with it.” Friday night, Chicago is still expected to protest.

    Jenny Singer is a glamor staff can Follow her On Twitter.

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