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    Ukraine says government websites hit by ‘massive cyber attack’

    A few Ukrainian government websites went down on Friday, and authorities described it as a “massive cyberattack.”

    “Ukrainian! All your personal data has been uploaded to the public network,” read a message temporarily posted on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. “All the data on your computer has been erased and cannot be restored. All the information about you has been made public and I am afraid and expect the worst.”

    The case continues Tight negotiations This week, it aimed to prevent Vladimir Putin from choosing a deeper invasion of Ukraine between the United States, NATO, Western allies and Russia.

    Ukrainian officials have recently warned that cyber attacks and other efforts to destabilize the country could herald further attacks.

    Authorities have not accused Russia or other potential criminals of attacks on Friday’s government websites and other services.

    “The websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and many other government agencies are temporarily down as a result of a major cyberattack,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. “Our experts are already working on restoring the work of IT systems, and cyber police have begun an investigation.”

    A message left by a hacker posted in Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish adds: For Wolin, for OUNUPA [Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists/Ukrainian Insurgent Army]For Haritina, for Polisher, and for historic land. “

    The final comment in the message referred to Ukrainian rebel fighters during World War II and appeared to blame Ukraine for ethnic conflict and atrocities. Poland and Ukraine have accused each other of committing atrocities during centuries of turmoil in the region.

    The hacker’s post also included a tampered image of the Ukrainian national symbol with flags, coats of arms, and lines crossing the country’s map.

    It was not immediately clear whether the hackers were Poles or tried to instigate the division between Ukraine and Poland, one of Kiev. The strongest European ally Faced with the invasion of Russia.

    “A provocative message was posted on the main page of these sites,” the Ukrainian SBU National Security Service said in a statement.

    “The content of the site hasn’t changed, and according to preliminary information, no personal data has been leaked,” SBU added.

    Ukrainian National Security Officer Oleksiy Danilov, late last year Told the Financial Times Ukraine has faced “continuous” Russian cyberattacks and other destabilizing attempts since Moscow annexed Crimea in 2014 and organized a surrogate separatist war in the eastern region.

    Russia’s “domestic destabilization is an immediate goal” before unleashing a potential deeper military aggression, he said, “first causing an energy crisis and information warfare through cyberwarfare.”

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