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    Ukraine routinely deals with “aggression” from Russia: Minister

    On January 6, 2022, Ukrainian military personnel walk outside the town of Popasna in the Luhansk region of Ukraine, near a line of separation from Russian-backed rebels.

    Maxim Levin | Reuters

    As high-profile talks between Russia and Western officials continue on Thursday, top Ukrainian executives ask Ukraine for part of the debate, while her country routinely counters Russia’s “aggression.” I explained how you have to.

    “Part of the negotiations are taking place without Ukraine and are absolutely unacceptable,” Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for European Atlantic Integration, Orha Stefanicina, told CNBC Thursday.

    Talking to CNBC’s Hadley Gamble in Kiev, Stefanishyna said Ukraine is “the largest country in Europe and we are already part of the security architecture of the economic architecture, so we [at] table. “

    Stefanishyna’s comments come during the week of seeing a flood of diplomatic conferences between Russian and Western officials.

    Representatives of the United States and Russia met in Geneva on Monday, followed by the NATO-Russian Council in Brussels on Wednesday, and prior to the latest meeting at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe on Thursday. ..

    Talks are worried that Russia, which has gathered thousands of troops at various points along the Ukrainian border, has denied this but may be preparing to invade the country. The aim is to spread the long-standing tensions between Kiev and Moscow.

    Stefanishyna said Ukraine must deal with the invasion from Russia on a daily basis, which should also inform negotiations with or about Russia.

    “When making decisions about Russia, we need to consult Ukraine for advice. We deal with them on a daily basis, so military aggression, hybrid aggression, energy and gas aggression, security, Cyber ​​security aggression. This all happens on a daily basis in Ukraine. This is the reality of our lives. [with]”She said.

    This week’s negotiations have made little progress so far, and there is a division between what Russia wants and what it is likely to get.

    Russia has made a series of demands on the United States and NATO, ensuring that the military alliance, primarily the West, will not expand eastward and that Ukraine (and other former Soviet countries) will never be allowed to join the organization. Seeking. Regarding military deployment.

    NATO says it is ready to discuss arms control and missile deployment with Russia, but Secretary-General Jens Stortemberg said Wednesday that Moscow will not get a denial against countries participating in the military alliance. Said.

    Russia’s representative, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko, said Moscow was ready to continue negotiations, but warned that the situation was “very dangerous” and added that Russia’s proposal was not carefully selected.

    What is the stage of the conflict?

    Ukraine aims to join the EU and NATO, which are adjacent to the west, and Russia is trying to maintain its sphere of influence and power over the former Soviet territory and set the stage for more potential conflicts. Russia merged Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 and is already working under international sanctions on its role in the pro-Russian separatist uprising in eastern Ukraine.

    If Ukraine is a member of NATO, the alliance is obliged to protect Ukraine in the event of an attack. As it is not, it remains uncertain how far the western allies of the country are ready to go.

    The United States has reportedly decided largely on the options for sanctions against Russia if Russia invades Ukraine. A senior Biden administration official told Reuters that Russian tanks were ready to impose sanctions as soon as they crossed the Ukrainian border. Russia reports that it has about 100,000 troops in its border areas.

    US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said Russia’s President Vladimir Putin needs to be prepared to face harsh consequences as further sanctions on Russia could be imposed if he ordered an attack on Ukraine. Stated.

    “Through President Putin’s aggression, coercion, destruction, hybrid attacks, or any other way to undermine Ukraine’s stability and sovereignty and sovereignty … if he takes action in that regard, the entire international community I think it’s a way to let him know exactly what happened here, and it costs money to continue to do so in the world community. “

    Ukraine’s Stefanishyna said sanctions “need to be targeted and timely” and “it is very important not to wait for the actual invasion of Ukraine’s territory.” rice field.

    NATO states that it will not compromise its value when it comes to dealing with Russia. “We are not ready to compromise on core principles. Every country is unique,” Stoltenberg said after meeting with the Russian representative on Wednesday that discussions are difficult but necessary. It is the right to choose the path, and of course, for NATO allies, protect and defend all allies, including those in the eastern part of our alliance. “

    “We are ready to speak in good faith with them on arms control, measures to increase transparency in military operations, and risk reduction,” NATO said in a meeting. “We have proposed a number of topics that we believe there is room for some actual discussions, dialogues, and a series of meetings in which Russia and NATO can continue to sit and cooperate.”

    Mr. Stefanicina said Ukraine is grateful for the continued support from the United States and Europe, but “there is no illusion that troops from the United States, NATO and other countries will fight for Ukraine on their territory.” ..

    “We are ourselves, but it is in the interest of all allies, including the United States, to invest in Ukraine’s deterrence and defense, so we are sure to work at the bilateral level through NATO and through NATO. I called on my allies, because Ukraine’s deterrence is getting stronger … What if an invasion happens? Make sure Ukraine has deterrence and defense the next day. It is in our interest not to talk about the Russian army. It is the NATO border. “

    Cold front for energy

    Another cold front that casts further reasons for the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is the energy space, the latter losing the long-awaited income from gas once passing through the country.Nord Stream 2 pipeline open.

    The pipeline is not functioning yet, as German regulators have not yet signaled a green light to the pipeline. Meanwhile, Russia has been accused of trying to curb gas supply (supplying about 43% of natural gas to the EU), raising gas prices and putting pressure on politicians to put a green light on the pipeline. However, Kremlin denies this.

    The head of the International Energy Agency has accused Russia of intensifying the European gas crisis by cutting off some of its supply. Fatih Birol told reporters Wednesday that the European gas market is experiencing turmoil “due to Russian action” and the low gas supply to Europe is consistent with rising geopolitical tensions on Ukraine. Said that.

    Ukrainian state energy giant Naftgas told CNBC Thursday that he thought it was ridiculous that Nord Stream 2 was not included in the top priorities of international negotiations with the Kremlin. Repeat his call For further sanctions on the gas pipeline to prevent another Russian invasion.

    “First, they need to sanction Nord Stream 2. They need to show a firm stance against Putin again. For example, if someone wants to discuss further actions, if there is a further attack from the Russian side. Need to discuss Nord Stream. 1. So I’m not saying that Nord Stream 2 is the only thing to be on the agenda, but it should come first. ” Bitrenco told CNBC’s Hadley Gamble.

    Stephanicina agreed that “energy security” should be part of the current discussion with Russia, saying that the “energy crisis” would be seen again in Europe, and Putin “plays the whole again.” Would be. ” [of] So Europe. “

    Ukraine routinely deals with “aggression” from Russia: Minister

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