Ukraine Latest: War Can Bring Global Results


Our story about the potential for conflict and its consequences in Eastern Europe

War in Ukraine can have global consequences (January 29)
Human suffering, economic shock, geopolitical restructuring

What is Vladimir Putin’s military intent in Ukraine? (January 29)
Only he can say

What would Europe do if Russia shut off gas? (January 29)
Better than I expected

Germany’s new prime minister in the face of Russia’s threat is Dithers (January 29)
But Olaf Scholz is starting to solidify

What does China think about the possible war in Ukraine? (January 29)
China approaches Russia due to shared hostility to the United States, but becomes cautious

Commodity traders in preparation for the war in Ukraine(January 29)
Tight markets mean prices are very sensitive to rising tensions

Momentum is being built for the war in Ukraine (January 22)
Vladimir Putin is suing disaster for his Russian neighbor and himself

What are Russia’s military options in Ukraine as the war approaches? (January 22)
They all have drawbacks

Russia and the West meet for an important week of diplomacy (January 15)
Both sides are preparing for the war, even while they are talking

How to talk to Mr Putin (January 8)
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created an opportunity to strengthen Europe’s security

Russia’s threat to Ukraine is unlikely to trigger NATO’s withdrawal (January 8)
May have the opposite effect

Ukrainians are particularly relaxed about the buildup of Russian troops (January 8)
Many have endured the risk of being unable to do anything

How to stop Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine (December 18th)
Westerners and Ukrainians need to raise the cost of Russian aggression

Why Russia has never accepted Ukraine’s independence (December 18th)
If you chose democracy, that might have been the case

Hidden cost to separate Russia from SWIFT (December 18th)
American enemies will rush to alternatives and accelerate their financial decline

Joe Biden adopts a tough new tone with Vladimir Putin (December 11th)
But is it enough to avoid another Russian invasion of Ukraine?

Ukrainian troops are better at fighting Russian-backed separatists (December 4th)
But now another kind of war is imminent


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Ukraine Latest: War Can Bring Global Results

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