UK to deploy troops to virus-hit London hospitals


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Britain will deploy troops to hospitals in London to mitigate the serious staff shortage caused by the outbreak of Omicron, the Defense Ministry (MoD) said Friday.

About 200 military personnel will participate Health care workers In the capital, the recent surge in coronavirus cases has been particularly devastating and outbreaks. staff Absence at the hospital.

“Our army men and women are working together to protect the country from COVID-19, so we are stepping up again to support our dedicated colleagues at the NHS (United Kingdom National Health Service). “The Defense Minister Ben Wallace said.

“They have shown value over and over again through this pandemic, such as driving ambulances, vaccination, and helping patients in hospitals. They contribute to this truly national effort. You should be proud. “

According to the ministry, the deployment will include 40 medics and 160 civilians.

In the UK on Tuesday, 218,724 virus cases were recorded daily, the highest number since the pandemic began.

The dead and patients in need of mechanical ventilation are stable, health The fact that staff are positive for the virus and have to self-quarantine puts pressure on the system.

Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of the NHS Confederation, said that thousands of NHS staff were absent and “200 additional staff would help, but it remains a very difficult situation. It’s just a small part of what it would be. “

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that the hospital is on a “war foothold” due to a lack of staff and there are many. hospital A group that declares a “serious incident” due to a threat to a critical service.

Britain faces hospital crisis with more than 200,000 COVID cases

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