UK Survey on Downing Street Blockade Party


Opposition lawmakers have accused Johnson of deliberately misleading Congress.

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London-A long-awaited investigation into a number of Covid-19 blockade parties in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s offices and residences has been released, increasing pressure on confused Conservative leaders.

According to a comprehensive report from senior civil servant Sue Gray, many of the rallies held at Downing Street and Whitehall during the Covid blockade over the past two years should not have been allowed.

It’s an embarrassing detail of how several events took place, including one eviction party on June 18th, when two or more indoor rallies were banned in the UK. At this time, the event lasted for several hours, and some people drank too much. According to the report, “one was ill” and there was a “minor shift” between the other two.

In a terrible ruling, Gray said senior leaders “have to take responsibility for this culture.”

“At least some of the rallies in question represent a serious failure to adhere to the high standards expected of those working at the center of government, as well as the standards expected of the entire British population at the time.”

During the 20-month blockade of Covid, Gray began an investigation following media reports of a rally in a government building and suspicion of a political party.

The full version of the report was postponed due to another police investigation.Metropolitan Police Department investigation as a result Fine 126 times to 83 people.

Johnson spoke at the House of Commons on Wednesday afternoon, thanking Gray for his work and saying he was “full responsibility” for everything that was done on the watch.

The prime minister said he was “frightened” by his actions at the blockade, but defended his attendance at several evictions. “Now she reports, we are very much hoping to be able to move on and focus on the priorities of the British people,” Johnson said.

Opposition Labor leader Keir Starmer said the report was “a monument to the arrogance and arrogance of the government, who believed it was one rule for them and another for everyone else.” Said.

“Opposite members must finally do their bit. They have to tell the current residents, their leaders that this is too long. The game is over. You become a member or a member. I can’t, “said Starmer.

“It’s time to pack his bag. Then the government can function again, then break through corruption, and then we can restore the dignity of that great office and the democracy it represents. can.”

Sterling Fell into a low session against USD Immediately after the report was published. The British currency was last seen to fall 0.2% at $ 1.2501 during the afternoon trading.

What does the report say?

Gray’s report reaffirmed her findings First edited report From late January, when he sharply criticized government leadership.

“Whatever the original intentions, what happened at many of these rallies and how they evolved were not in line with Covid’s guidance at the time,” the report said.

“Even taking into account the extraordinary pressures placed on officials and advisors, the de facto findings in this report show some attitudes and behaviors that contradict that guidance.”

“We are delighted to be working on the issue,” Gray said in a full report Wednesday.

The report contains nine photos of two separate events. One is Johnson’s June 19, 2020 birthday party, which shows the Prime Minister, partner Carrie, and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak being fined by police.

Gray said some staff members “witnessed and received worried behavior at work, but sometimes felt that they couldn’t grow properly. I said the lack of respect of the guards and cleaning staff. I noticed several examples of poor treatment. This was not accepted. “

Cleaner showed evidence of wine spills on one wall and a paper box in a copier after the “Wine Time Friday” event on December 18, 2020. At an alcohol fuel quiz held three days ago, a message from Downing Street officials advising staff to leave the back door to avoid being photographed by the press.

Call for resignation

Gray’s full report comes after a recent further exposure to an alcohol-fueled social event on Downing Street during the blockade of Covid, and Johnson left the glass on November 13, 2020. I took a picture to raise.

image, Obtained by ITV NewsPrompted a new claim from opposition lawmakers that Johnson had deliberately misunderstood Congress when he had previously told the House of Commons that the rules had not been broken.

Johnson repeats Resisted the call to resign From the entire political spectrum, despite persistent public anger A long and ever-growing list of suspected blockade violations..

When asked if public opinion could reflect the end of Johnson’s tenure on Wednesday, Ipsos CEO Ben Page said, “For the numbers I have at the moment. Not yet. “

Regarding CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe” in Davos, Switzerland, Page said Johnson “is not popular, but at the cost of the fact that people think he may have lied in some way. Is Boris Johnson lying? Tell me a new story. “

“His opponent Keir Starmer is doing a little better in voting. Labor has a slight lead, but overall, none of the numbers show it. Events like Australia It will happen in Britain, where the Labor Party came to power. “

“He may get over it again,” he added.

Members who deliberately misunderstand Congress are expected to offer the Prime Minister to resign in accordance with the Ministerial Code, a set of official principles on how politicians should act. However, this guidance is not a law and ultimately requires the Prime Minister to decide how to interpret and enforce it.

UK Survey on Downing Street Blockade Party

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