UK Spy Chief on why China is MI6’s “single top priority” and what it takes to address it


London — The head of the UK’s MI6 espionage agency, similar to the US CIA, said in its first public speech and live interview this week that China is a “single top priority” for UK intelligence. .. Richard Moore cited Russia, Iran, and foreign terrorism as other major security concerns.

Moore is the only publicly identified member of MI6. Given the rapidly evolving technology around the world, he issues a rare public briefing on the priorities of secret espionage agencies because “to keep secrets, we must be more open.” He said he was doing it.

He said intelligence agencies need to move from keeping everything in-house to working with private technology companies in order to compete with the rapid progress of other countries.

MI6 Chief Frichard Moore Speech
MI6 Chief Richard Moore speaks at the Institute for International Strategy in London, where British intelligence is open to working with global technology departments to combat rising cyber threats from hostile nations, criminals and terrorists. Said you need to open. , November 30, 2021.

Stephen Rousseau / PA Images / Getty

“We are living in an era of dramatic changes in the security environment,” Moore said. “We are faced with enemies who feel bold, less constrained, and have more resources available than before.”


Moore told BBC News, CBS News’ partner network, that it is important to work with China to address imminent global issues such as climate change and trade, but “China is dominated by authoritarian regimes. Sometimes they don’t share our values. ” And often their interests conflict with ours. “

In a speech submitted to the Security Research Group, he said, “As China’s power and willingness to claim it grows, the tectonic plates are changing.”

China is rapidly expanding its technological capabilities, including: Artificial intelligence, Moore said. If Britain wants to catch up, it needs to be able to compete and defend in digital space.

“The vast amount of data available around the world, coupled with the increasing power of computers and advances in data science, will integrate artificial intelligence and AI into almost every aspect of our daily lives. Means. There are countless benefits associated with these new discoveries, but I’m rewarded by looking at the threat side of my ledger. “

U.S. blames China for cyber activity


For example, China’s surveillance nations are targeting Uighurs, an ethnic minority in the Xinxiang region, with repressive crackdowns on large-scale human rights abuses, detaining nearly one million people there.

“Worrisomely, these control and surveillance technologies are being increasingly exported by China to other governments, expanding the network of authoritarian controls throughout the globe,” he said.

In addition to the “data trap,” China is increasing its international influence by setting up a “debt trap,” Moore said. According to Bloomberg, China has become the world’s largest non-commercial lender in the last decade, with state-owned banks providing more credit to developing countries than the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

“I’ve seen some examples of how the Chinese could get an important port if they took out a loan and found it difficult to repay … it could be a naval facility.” Moore told the BBC. rice field.

China expands its influence throughout Africa


“We want other countries to clarify debt traps, data exposure, and vulnerabilities to political coercion that result from reliance on relationships that cannot rely on independent judiciary or free press.” He said in a speech.

Moore also mentioned Beijing’s growing interest in controlling a democratically governed country. Taiwan — Forced as needed — was a threat to global security.

“Beijing believes in its own publicity about the weaknesses of the West and underestimates Washington’s determination,” he said. “The risk of miscalculation in China due to overconfidence is real.”

China warns the United States about Taiwan



Moore said Russia continues to pose a “serious threat” to Britain. Launch of cyber attackInterferes with the democratic process of other countries and attempts state-sponsored killings as in 2018 British Sergei Scripal Addiction.. He said Britain and its allies must confront Russia to thwart such activities.

“Europe and beyond should not be made to think that disproportionate concessions to Russia will lead to better action,” Moore said, along the 2014 merger of Russia’s Crimea and the border with Ukraine. Mentioned the current military buildup. Treat as a threat..

Russia denies intention of invading Ukraine



“Iranian leaders have embraced the clear doctrine of conflict between Israel and the West,” Moore said. “Certainly, we deeply regret a country with an almost unparalleled depth of history and culture: IranHas been a source of instability throughout the region and beyond for over 40 years. “

In addition to interference by supporting radical groups in countries like Syria, Iran’s Nuclear Development Plan According to Moore, it’s also the focus of MI6. International negotiations on the program resumed in Vienna this week.

Iran’s nuclear deal resumes


“There are many similarities to the challenges raised by Russia, and it is no coincidence that the two countries have created a common cause in Syria,” Moore said. “We will continue to strive to contain the threat posed to Iran, the United Kingdom and allies in the region, which challenge the development of Iran’s nuclear technology, which is unlikely to be used by civilians. It also includes chanting. “


As the world becomes more digital, the threat of terrorism changes, with many terrorists. Terrorist network operating online..

“There is no such thing as analog intelligence manipulation in this digital world anymore. Our intelligence target has an online life. Our executives need to be manipulated invisible to the enemy, agents and technology. The operation is “an environment where” made in China “surveillance technology can be seen all over the world.”

He said it would be easier for people trying to carry out the attack to hide their plans, and sadly some Lone Wolf attacks might work.

British spy secretary also said the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan Increased risk of international terrorist attacks..

US monitors ISIS-K in Afghanistan


“There is no doubt that the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan has given morale to the global militant movement and its potential bold impact on countries such as Russia, China and Iran,” he said. .. “I don’t soft soap it: the threat we face will probably grow. Now we have left Afghanistan, al-Qaeda, and Dej. [ISIS] Will Aim to increase their foothold Rebuilding the ability to attack western targets. “

Moore said MI6 needs to be proactive in working with technical experts in unprecedented ways to combat all these threats.

“Don’t try it because it can’t match the size and resources of the world’s high-tech industry,” he said. “We open the issue of our mission to people with talents in organizations that normally do not work with national security. Unlike the Bond movie” Q “, we cannot do everything in-house. .. “

UK Spy Chief on why China is MI6’s “single top priority” and what it takes to address it

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