UK and EU strike deal on access to fish stocks in 2022


The UK and the EU reached an agreement in 2022 to share fish inventories, but another dispute with France over access to boats in the UK waters continues.

Both Wednesdays determined the total catch of about 100 cocurrent fish stocks in the EU and UK joint waters such as the North Sea and the Irish Sea.

However, environmental activists said they broke their pledge to end overfishing. Jenni Grossmann, Client earth, “As in the pre-Brexit era, they continue to prioritize short-term commercial interests over the long-term sustainability of both fish and fishermen, and the dire state of these depleted resources. I’m making it permanent. ”

Environmental law charities said that only 40 percent of the stock was caught in a sustainable manner.

Vera Coelho, Head of Advocacy in Europe Oceana, “Populations of certain fish, such as west of Scottish herring, whiting in the Irish sea, and cod in the Celtic Sea, will continue to be overused in 2022.”

The deal is about how many fish you can catch. Allocation of catch quotas had already been agreed upon when Britain left the quota in January. The Trade Cooperation Agreement (TCA), signed in 2020, guarantees that the UK’s share will increase by 25% between 2021-26.

According to the government, the British fleet in 2022 will be allowed to catch about 140,000 tonnes of fish, which is estimated to be worth about £ 313 million based on past landing prices.That is Decreased from 160,000 tons this year And £ 333m.

Some fisheries, such as shrimp in the North Sea, showed an increase, but some fisheries off the southwestern part of England decreased.

British fishermen are “dissatisfied,” said Barry Dies, CEO of the United Kingdom. National Federation of Fishermen’s Organizations.. “TCA didn’t take us where we needed it,” he said.

The Extra inventory Brexit won from the EU after the British industry was an unwanted fish. Even if scientists approved significant increases in whiting, haddock, etc., the increase in quotas was modest, as endangered cod could be considered bycatch from the same waters.

However, Dís was pleased that the deal took place before Christmas. Talks to determine the total catch for 2021 were postponed until June, forcing fishermen to adjust their catch later this year.

He said some fishermen would still be hit hard. “The UK government is spinning the numbers. You need to look at the fishery by fishery. Some have increased and some have decreased.”

George Eustice, Minister of the Environment, UK, Praised the deal..

“The balanced agreement signed today provides a strong foundation as it aims to provide more sustainable fishery management, as set out in the groundbreaking fishery law. increase.”

Mr Eustis said the government will continue to talk with the EU on sustainability and other issues.

in the meantime, France and UK The controversy over access to coastal waters off the coast of Britain, Jersey and Guernsey remains trapped. The French minister said that dozens of boats historically caught there have lost the right to do so, even though they have applied for a permit to continue.

According to EU officials, France has threatened to call on Brussels to take legal action, but has not yet done so.

The European Commission said it is still establishing the facts. “We will work with the French authorities to investigate the legal status of all unlicensed requested licenses.”

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