UCCS student workers, staff push for higher pay – Colorado Springs, Colorado


Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-12-06 21:12:03 –

Colorado Springs — University of Colorado Colorado Springs students and staff are looking for higher wages.

United Campus Workers Colorado (UCWC) Petition Encourage the university to raise the minimum wage to $ 15. So far, the campaign has collected over 1,000 signatures from students, staff and community members.

According to the union, 95% of UCCS student workers and 70 full-time UCCS staff earn less than $ 15 per hour.

“It’s often said that you can’t keep working on campus because of low wages. Hospitality service cooks will have to work for hours to catch up with rent and student loans-today. So they felt they had to do those extra hours to earn rent and more, “UCCS graduate student Eilex Rodriguez said.

Their concerns led her to work with other members of the UCWC to draft a petition to make a difference. Living wage survey In the case of Colorado Springs / El Paso County, workers need to earn at least $ 16.77 an hour to earn a living wage, suggesting that it is only for single adults without dependents. This living wage estimate increases for individuals with dependents. This is a fact that must be considered with many non-traditional students attending UCCS. As a result, many workers earn $ 4.45 an hour in half-hours (50 hours every other week).

“UCCS needs to show that they value our work,” said Alekx Schneebeck, a graduate of UCSS. “One of the easiest ways to do that is to pay us near the living wage. Nothing less is acceptable.”

“UCCS is a central part of the community. If UCSS can raise the minimum amount, instruct other companies and members of the community to raise it and find out what wages they are giving to their workers. “Masu,” Rodriguez said.

She wants the university to raise the minimum wage, but not by raising tuition and student tuition.

“There are other schools in the CU system that have raised the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour without raising student tuition and food costs. If those universities can do that, UCCS will come up with some ideas. I think you can think of it, “Rodriguez said.

UCCS is the only school in the CU system that has not raised the minimum wage that her group has determined to be unfair to $ 15, despite the high cost of living in Denver and Boulder.

“As a campus administrator, it would be great if every campus worker could earn $ 15 an hour, but there is a challenge. Currently, there are 2,000 student workers on campus, so it would take more than a year. Then it’s a $ 3 million deficit. “

Valentine says the university will need to increase its income or reduce its expenses in order to raise the minimum wage.

“Currently, the income from the state is limited. The income comes from tuition and I don’t want to increase the tuition for all students. Another challenge is whether I want to do math and raise students. If you make a worker $ 15 an hour, you need to reduce the work of 464 student workers. This is 20% of the student workforce. These workers have colleagues a few dollars an hour. You wouldn’t like to lose your job so that you can make money, “says Valentine.

“The good news is to increase the number of workers per hour to $ 12.95 per hour from January 1st, which is a 5 percent increase,” he continued.

Valentine states that this increase has nothing to do with petitions, but rather with the school year’s budget, but students continue to seek even greater increases.

“My hope is to see the correlation between the number of students for this, the number of labor shortages at UCCS, and raising the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour,” Rodriguez said. ..

Union members continue to talk with the university to raise the minimum wage and disseminate information to the community.

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UCCS student workers, staff push for higher pay Source link UCCS student workers, staff push for higher pay

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