U.S. to pump $400 million into vaccination programs for other countries


(HealthDay)-The United States announced on Monday that it will invest $ 400 million in a new program to help other countries speed up vaccination of their citizens.

The United States Agency for International Development, called the Initiative for Global Vaccine Access, statement This program will “strengthen international coordination” to help countries “overcome vaccine access barriers.”

The agency added that it will focus on African countries.

Most of the money is spent shooting guns Remote area Authorities said they would support the country with vaccine policy and delivery logistics. The rest go to places where cases are skyrocketing and help the country make its own vaccines.

The latest efforts exceed $ 1.3 billion already committed to expanding access to vaccines worldwide. However, one expert said the program, known as GlobalVax, was inadequate.

“It’s not enough to significantly increase vaccination worldwide, but it’s a milestone,” said Lawrence Gostyn, a law professor at Georgetown University. public health, Said New York Times..

Meanwhile, the UN-backed multi-billion dollar vaccine alliance, Covax, has not met its goal of raising doses for poor countries. The alliance includes international health agencies and nonprofits that aim to enable poor countries to be vaccinated as quickly as the rich. However, the alliance had a hard time getting doses into people’s arms from the airport tarmac. Times report.

Officials from the Biden administration have said that some African countries, especially South Africa, are refusing to donate vaccines, partly because they are hesitant to provide vaccines because they exceed demand.However Public health expert Another reason suggests: Some countries are unable to distribute the doses they receive, which often arrives with sudden notices, Times Said.

They added that the longer the virus circulates, the more dangerous the virus can be, even for vaccinated people in wealthy countries.

The United States is full of shots as Africa has not been vaccinated

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For more information, please visit the US Food and Drug Administration COVID vaccine..

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