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    U.S. sanctions North Korean authorities in response to missile test

    The Biden administration on Wednesday imposed sanctions on five North Korean officials in its first response to North Korea’s latest response. Ballistic missile test After that, he announced that he would also seek new UN sanctions.

    The Treasury said it has imposed penalties on five officials for their role in obtaining equipment and technology for North Korea’s missile program. In addition, the State Department has ordered sanctions on other North Koreans, Russian men, and Russian companies for their widespread support for North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction activities.

    Immediately after North Korea stated that it would oversee the success of the hypersonic missile flight test on Tuesday and significantly increase the country’s nuclear “war deterrence,” a move by the Ministry of Finance took place.

    UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield tweeted Wednesday night that she was proposed by the Ministry of Finance and the state to propose UN sanctions in response to North Korea’s six ballistic missile launches since September. .. UN Security Council Resolution. ”

    A US diplomat said the US is continuing to coordinate with its council partners on the proposed new sanctions.

    One of the five North Koreans covered by the Treasury is based in Russia and the other four are based in China. Everyone has been accused of providing money, goods and services to North Korea’s Second Academy of Natural Sciences. The Treasury says it is deeply involved in North Korea’s military defense program.

    “North Korea’s latest missile launch is further evidence that the international community continues to move forward with banned programs despite its demand for diplomacy and denuclearization,” the Treasury Department’s terrorism and finance. Bryant Nelson, head of the intelligence agency, said. He called North Korea an acronym for its official name: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

    Sanctions allow targets to freeze assets in US jurisdictions, prohibit Americans from trading with them, and subject foreign businesses and individuals to potential penalties for dealing with them.

    Shortly before the announcement, North Korea’s state news agency reported that the latest missile launches were related to supersonic glide vehicles. Miles) away.

    The agency’s photo shows a missile with a pointed cone-shaped payload soaring into the sky, leaving traces of orange flames, and Kim from a small hut with senior officials, including his sister Kim Yo-jung. Showed that you are watching.

    The launch was North Korea’s second supersonic missile test in a week, as Kim Jong Un continues to rebelliously push to expand the capabilities of nuclear weapons in the face of international sanctions, in September. It was one of the first weapons we tested. Difficulties and deadlocked diplomacy with the United States.

    The UN Security Council first imposed sanctions on North Korea after its first nuclear test in 2006, making North Korea more stringent in response to further nuclear tests and increasingly sophisticated ballistic missile programs. .. In 2018, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said sanctions cut off 90% of all North Korea’s exports and trade and sent a pool of workers abroad to gain hard currency. He said he had disbanded. measures.

    China and Russia circulated a resolution in November to the Security Council against North Korea, including a ban on exports of seafood and textiles, restrictions on imports of refined petroleum products, and a ban on overseas labor and remittances. He called for the end of numerous sanctions. Bring their income home. Emphasizing North Korea’s economic difficulties, he said these and other sanctions should be lifted “to improve the lives of civilians.”

    Both China and Russia are members of the Security Council veto, and it is not yet known whether they will support the new sanctions on North Korea.

    U.S. sanctions North Korean authorities in response to missile test

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