U.S. Court Overturns Convict of Police Officer Murder That Shot Justin Damond | Photographed by Justin Damond


U.S. courts have abandoned the former three-time murder conviction Minneapolis Mohamed Nuhr, a police officer who accidentally killed an Australian woman, Justin Damond.

Noor calls 911 behind his home to report the possibility of sexual assault, the death of Justin Lucichik Damond, a dual citizen of the United States and Australia, in 2017, a third-class murder and negligence. I was convicted of lethal charges.

He was sentenced to 12 and a half years for murder, but not for manslaughter.

NS Minnesota The Supreme Court’s ruling means that his murder was overturned and the case returned to the district court and convicted of manslaughter. He has already been guilty of murder for more than 28 months.

If he is sentenced to an estimated four years’ imprisonment for manslaughter, he may qualify for release under surveillance later this year.

In the judgment, the court also clarified what constitutes a three-time murder, or a corrupt heart murder, stating that the law does not apply if the defendant’s actions are directed at a particular person. ..

Attorney Kaitlyn Rose Fisher, who worked on Noor’s appeal, said he was grateful for the Supreme Court’s clarification of the law and hoped it would improve the impartiality and consistency of the indictment decision. ..

“I said from the beginning that this was a tragedy, but it wasn’t a murder, and now the Supreme Court agrees and admits it,” she said.

Noor’s defense team also issued a joint statement that “fairness was brought about,” and Noor was looking forward to hugging his son as soon as possible.

Hennepin County lawyer Mike Freeman, who charged the case, said he disagreed with the Supreme Court’s analysis but had to accept the decision.

Freeman said the manslaughter conviction was valid and justified.

The message left to Damond’s fiancé was not returned immediately, and the email sent to her family in Australia was returned with an automatic response.

The ruling could provide former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin with grounds to challenge George Floyd’s conviction of his own third-class murder for his May 2020 death.

However, Chauvin has been convicted of a more serious number of second murders and has served 22 and a half years in that number, so it does not have a significant impact on Chauvin.

Experts say Chauvin is unlikely to succeed in appealing his second murder conviction.

The ruling in Noor’s case was also closely watched for possible effects on three other former Minneapolis police officers awaiting Floyd’s death trial.

Prosecutors wanted to encourage and add aiding charges to their third murder, which is unlikely now.

The three men will be tried in March for supporting and betting both the second murder and the manslaughter.

The Attorney General’s office, which is prosecuting the case, said it was considering a decision.

Noor testified at a 2019 trial that his police car bang threatened the lives of him and his partner. So he reached out from the passenger seat to the other side of his partner and fired through the driver’s window.

Fischer said on Wednesday that Noor “really believed that he was saving his partner’s life that night, but tragically lost his innocent life … just reaffirming that such a mistake was not murder. I think it means more than words. ” It can be said. “

U.S. Court Overturns Convict of Police Officer Murder That Shot Justin Damond | Photographed by Justin Damond

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