Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder are both part of the heaviest part of their career | Boxing


With Tyson Fury Deontay Wilder When they gathered for weighing at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Friday afternoon, they had one final showdown in 34 months prior to the third heavyweight championship showdown.

Wilder, who first appeared in a black tracksuit before taking off his shorts, first rode on a scale and came for the best of his career at £ 238. Wearing a black undertaker hat in a sleeveless black T-shirt, Fury tilted the scale at 277 pounds, the heaviest weight in his career.

Before Fury got off the scale, both fighters were barking, pointing at each other from a distance for a few minutes. After that, they gathered temporarily for a traditional gaze that was soon stopped due to the burning of tempers on both sides.

The weight class prior to the heavyweight battle is almost entirely ritual, as the fighter is the only weight class that is not obliged to meet the contracted pound limit. However, Friday’s minutes were particularly interesting given how each man’s weight affected his performance at the previous two meetings.

“I just gained weight and wanted to look and feel sexy,” Wilder said. “I also taste sexy. I have a little over 350 bench presses so I don’t rush to put weight on me or do anything like that.”

Deontay Wilder poses on the scale when weighing. Photo: Albero / Getty Images

For them First encounter in December 2018Ending with a split draw, Wilder came in at £ 212½, or 44 pounds less than Fury’s £ 256½. For a rematchWilder came in at the career’s best of 231 pounds, and Fury tilted the scale at 273 pounds, claiming he ate six meals daily and drank eight liters of water in search of size benefits for light Americans. bottom. The tactics paid off as Fury went out most of the night and physically bossed around Wilder, who looked slower than the first fight as if compromised by extra ballast.

39 lbs weight difference between Saturday Night’s Main Event pairs-Patterson-Johansson, Ali-Frazier, Ali-Norton, Bow-Holifield in the fifth trilogy of heavyweight champions in boxing history Become-the smallest of their three battles.

Fury cut a comfortable type of wrestling promotion in WrestleMania when asked to comment on weights. Complete annihilation, that’s what it means to me. “

Fury was right when asked if Wilder’s new trainer Malik Scott believed he would make a difference in the fight at the T-Mobile Arena.

“Nothing,” the champion said with a full throat. “It’s one shit that teaches you how to fight another shit. Both are packs of losers and neither is worth sausages.

“He couldn’t teach him anything. The guy couldn’t fight himself, he was shit. So have a sithouse teaching how to fight another sithouse. When you are, you are looking for a real pack of Sithouse Cowards. “

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder are both part of the heaviest part of their career | Boxing

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