Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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    Tyler Baltierra: Welp, I’m Never Having a Son, So I Guess I’ll Get a Vasectomy!

    During the pandemic, all gender parties were a kind of sadness, but Caitlin Lowell and Tyler Baltiera may have been the most depressing of all.

    The couple moaned as the whirlpool of pink confetti delivered the following news in the absence of guests. Caitlin was pregnant with yet another girl..

    “It’s another girl,” Lowell sighed gently before crying.

    Now, it’s a bit strange to see parents crazy about their children’s gender in 2021, but for fairness, Baltiera’s disappointment seems to have been at least partly a joke.

    A few months later Lowell gave birth to her daughter Leah, And she and Tyler seemed as delighted as the arrival of their previous daughters.

    And they have since agreed to the fact that having a son is simply not included in their card.

    In fact, Tyler seems to have really accepted that fact by scheduling a vasectomy.

    Vasectomy Guy

    Earlier this week, Detroit-based radio DJ Mike Aguilar posted a photo of himself in a T-shirt.

    “Snip Snip, Huley!”

    “We haven’t officially decided yet, but it feels like the ants have jumped over the gun or are preparing for it …” Aguilar captioned the post.

    Caitlin and Tyler plan Bay Beamon

    This has led Tyler to comment on some news about his snipping plan.

    “Duuuudeee I think you laugh My promise is a few weeks, but I can’t wait for it, I’m so excited hahaha!” He commented.

    Normally, Teen Mom OG Stars are encouraged by producers to save key revelations about their lives for when they are heading to the camera.

    Caitlin and Tyler

    But Tyler probably won’t get a lot of guffs from his boss for this.

    That’s because the news that he’s undergoing a vasectomy isn’t surprising to fans.

    In a TMOG episode on Tuesday, Tyler planned a baby moon “staycation” surprise for Caitlin.

    Curly and Tyler

    Tyler confirmed that he and Caitlin would not welcome any more young children while discussing his arrangements during a phone call with his mother.

    “This is the last time she gets pregnant …” Tyler said of the need to make this opportunity special.

    Tyler and Caitlin are convinced that they were sincere in their desire to raise a boy, but Bartiera’s disappointment with living in a house full of women seems to be a joke above all else.

    Tyler Baltiera is upset

    Shortly before Lear was born, Tyler confirmed that he and Caitlin were excited about the possibility of having another child, and in a blink of an eye any anxiety they might have experienced about not having a boy. bottom.

    “Overall, I’m excited to complete my family, regardless of gender,” Baltiera wrote on Instagram.

    Recently, Lowell and Baltiera love “Rainbow Baby” (named this way because it arrived after Caitlin’s miscarriage) every second, and I’m sure they won’t change things.

    Caitlin Lowell, Tyler Baltiera, Nova, Vaeda

    Therefore, Tyler is taking steps to prevent the Baltiera clan from expanding further soon.

    Probably a smart move.

    After all, he and Caitlin already have a lot on their dishes.

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