Monday, January 24, 2022

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    Two Omicron cases detected in the United Kingdom as coronavirus variants spread to Europe

    UK reported new first case Omicron coronavirus mutation As variants continue to spread in Europe, scientists compete to assess the level of risk they pose.

    The UK Health Department said one was confirmed in Chelmsford and the second in Nottingham. According to officials, the two cases are related and are related to a trip to Southern Africa.

    The latest infectious disease news came as the World Health Organization Prompted a restrained approach To the variant to ensure that the country reporting the case is not punished for doing so.

    “Thanks to world-class genomic sequencing, we have found two cases,” said Sajid Javid, Minister of Health and Social Welfare. .. .. We are moving rapidly and individuals are self-isolating while contact tracing is in progress. “

    The government will do everything possible to protect the British people from new threats through the proliferation of inspection capabilities and the introduction of travel restrictions in the affected areas. This applies to four more African countries starting Sunday. “We don’t hesitate to take further action if necessary,” Javid added.

    The Department of Health said the UK Health and Safety Department is conducting “targeted tests where positive cases are likely to be infectious.”

    Individuals and their entire family who tested positive in the UK were retested and told to self-isolate during further testing and contact tracing. Dr. Jenny Harry’s, CEO of UKHSA, continues the agency’s efforts to “understand the effects of this variant on infectivity, serious disease, mortality, antibody response and vaccine efficacy.” Added.

    Confirmed cases and contacts were followed up and asked to be quarantined and tested.

    “It was a clear reminder that we weren’t out of this pandemic yet,” said Javid, adding that “getting a vaccine has become more important than ever.” ..

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson will hold a press conference on Saturday at 5 pm with Sir Patrick Vallance, Chief Scientific Adviser of the Government, and Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer.

    On Friday, WHO called OmicronVariant of concern, “Skip the” interest “specification in the middle.

    According to scientists and officials, the results of tests to measure the response of Omicron to vaccines and the immune system are not expected for a couple of weeks.

    Since Thursday, travel around the world has become increasingly restricted, with the United States, EU, Switzerland and the United Kingdom imposing various levels of restrictions on travel to southern Africa and many other countries.

    South African scientists behind Omicron’s discovery have moved to ship virus samples to biosecurity agencies around the world, including the UK Health Security Agency and the government’s Porton Down Institute.

    “We will work closely with the international community to quickly collect and analyze information about this variant and understand the potential for increased infectivity or resistance to the vaccine,” Whitti said.

    Meanwhile, the day after the case was identified in Belgium, the first cases were identified in Germany and the Czech Republic, providing further evidence that new variants are being sown in Europe.

    Dutch officials were investigating whether 61 people who tested positive for Covid-19 were infected with the Omicron variant after arriving on two flights from South Africa on Friday.

    According to Dutch health authorities, they are located in an isolated location in the hotel.

    “Positive test results will be examined as soon as possible to determine if this is related to a new variant of interest,” said Dutch health officials.

    Passenger hotel quarantine lasts at least 7 days.

    Omicron seems to be behind a significant surge in South African cases. Although the World Health Organization said it appears to have growth benefits, its enhanced transmissibility has not yet been identified.

    Some of the mutations were previously associated with antigenic escape. Mutants that are much more contagious than Delta, already more contagious than their ancestral coronavirus, or capable of breaking through vaccine protection can seriously impede global recovery from a pandemic.

    Additional report by Mehreen Khan

    Two Omicron cases detected in the United Kingdom as coronavirus variants spread to Europe

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