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Steadily Expanding Twitter, which is accessible year-round, today announced that an audio chat room feature called Twitter Spaces is now available to anyone who wants to host Space on iOS and Android.Earlier this year, the company had restricted access to hosting space for accounts. Has at least 600 followers, Says that they have found that these accounts are likely to provide a great experience because of their existing audience.

Currently, Twitter states that this option will be available to all mobile users in the Twitter app.According to the graphics shared with today’s announcement, users[作成]You can start the first space by tapping the button (the button you use to post tweets).

Currently, some users tap this button to switch to the screen where they can write and post tweets. However, Twitter seems to indicate that the button fans out various options such as creating tweets, posting GIFs, starting spaces, and more. This is a minor, but probably influential design choice, as many of Twitter’s comments are posted voluntarily by dashing simple tweets. Making a tweet a two-step process can reduce the number of posts somewhat if people pause and rethink their behavior in that moment.

Twitter was experimenting before Give Spaces its own tabs in the appHowever, it has not been widely deployed and is not shown in the current image shared with the announcement.In fact, Twitter users who are beta testing another new feature community Instead, in the center of the app’s navigation line[コミュニティ]A button is displayed. Dedicated, according to Twitter[スペース]Tabs have recently been extended to more people in English on iOS, but are not yet available on Android.

Twitter has been repeating rapidly on Spaces since then. We released a beta version last year. Recently, Spaces hosts have added the ability to add up to 2 co-hosts and up to 10 speakers, allowing for large-scale events with more moderators.Also shut down This summer, a story feature called Fleets made Spaces the only product to appear on the top line of the Twitter mobile app.

Following the social networking hit app Clubhouse, which has become a popular pastime during the pandemic since the announcement of Spaces, many major platforms have launched their own audio networking products.Spaces and Clubhouse are currently competing with Facebook Live audio room, Spotify Green room, discord, Reddit,, etc.

Twitter rolls out the ability for anyone to host a Space – TechCrunch Source link Twitter rolls out the ability for anyone to host a Space – TechCrunch

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