Trump supporters form an alliance to take over the election process in major states | US politics


Extreme Republicans loyal to Donald Trump And his “big lie” that the 2020 election was fraudulent aimed at dominating the presidential election process in major fierce battle states that could determine the outcome of the 2024 presidential election. Formed a national alliance.

At least eight Republicans currently running to serve as Chief Election Officer in the important Swing State have come together to form a coalition.

This group shares conspiracy theories about unfounded fraudulent elections and exchanges views on how to radically rebuild the electoral system in ways that could overturn the legitimate consequences of the next presidential election.

All of them supported Trump’s efforts Overturn the 2020 elections And it sticks to power against the will of American voters. Some of the alliances have been personally approved by Trump and have credible shots to win the post of Secretary of State, the most powerful electoral officer in each state.

The existence of the “America First Secretary of State Candidate Alliance” was revealed by one of its members, Jim Marchant, who is running for Secretary of State in Nevada.Former business owner and Nevada State Assembly member merchant Relationship with QAnon Conspiracy Theory Movement.

The merchant ran for the US House of Representatives in 2020 and was defeated. He challenged the outcome in court, claiming he was a “victim of fraud” in a mirror image of Trump’s many failed legal challenges to his defeat.

In an interview with the Guardian, the merchant said he currently has eight members of the coalition bidding on the official post of the highest elections and is likely to join soon. Participants included Jody Hice, Georgia, Mark Finchem, Arizona, and Christina Caramo, Michigan, he said. approved By playing cards.

The merchant also nominated Rachel Hamm of California and David Winnie of Colorado, saying that more members are likely to be hired soon in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Several face-to-face “summits” of the candidates have already been held, followed by Wisconsin on January 29th and Nevada on February 26th.

All candidates nominated by the merchant were prominent indices of false claims that the 2020 elections were fraudulent. Finchem I attended the “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, six hours before the US Capitol was attacked.

Heiss is running for Georgia’s Secretary of State against the incumbent Republican Brad Rafensperger. Rejected Trump’s request for 2020 means “find 11,780 votes” to tilt the state to him. Merchant, Caramo When Finchem All spoke at the QAnon conference in Las Vegas in October.

The disclosure that radical Republicans dedicated to overthrowing the election formed a network is Steve Bannon, a former chief strategist of Trump at the White House, who is leading the “accurate” movement to inject far-right activists into local election offices. Was first revealed by.Merchant reveals Banon alliance Warroom Podcast..

Revelation only raises concerns about the fragile state of American democracy.Ann NPR analysis The 2022 Secretary of State across the country found that at least 15 candidates were adopting Trump’s big lie.

Jena Griswold, Colorado Secretary of State and Chairman of the Secretary of State for Democracy, told Guardians that democracy will be voted on in the midterm elections in November this year.

“Extreme members of the Republican Party have a sledgehammer in our democratic system. A coalition of big lies running for Secretary of State has pushed election plots and enacted a dangerous voter suppression law, January. I participated in the riots on the 6th, “Griswold said.

The nature of the threat posed by the new coalition is demonstrated by merchants. In the course of the 2020 elections, if he was then Secretary of State, he would prove Joe Biden’s victory in Nevada with 33,596 votes, even if unanimously approved by the Nevada Supreme Court. Declared that he would have refused.

The merchant was also an avid supporter Send alternative slate for Trump voters To Congress for a blatant violation of official votes. The Guardian was asked if he was ready to do the same again in 2024 by sending an alternative slate of voters from Nevada to Congress, as opposed to the actual election results, “it’s very possible. , Yes. “

The merchant told the Guardian that if he wins the election in November and becomes the state’s chief election officer, he will act swiftly to introduce voter oppression. This includes the introduction of voter IDs-“easy”, he said.

He will also eradicate mail voting, which has been widely condemned by conspirators without evidence as the cause of the 2020 mass fraud, and open up the number of elections to “aggressive polls.” And he abandoned the electronic voting machine that was the target of the big lie defenders and replaced it with a number of papers.

When asked for evidence that the voting machine was operated to benefit Biden more than Trump, the merchant pointed to Mesa County, Colorado. “A very brave clerk suspected that much was happening with people who could get to the machine,” he said, and found that “apparent crimes” had been committed.

In fact, the clerk Tina Peters recently Deprived of her election obligations After she sneaked an unauthorized individual into a safe room, a voting machine was kept to copy their hard drive. The stolen information was presented at a conspiracy theory event hosted by Michael Lindell, a senior member of My Pillow, a major proponent of the big lie.

The Guardian asked the merchant operating the voting machine. He replied: “I don’t really know. I think it’s global. People in power want to maintain their power.”

The nearly universal dismissal of all court objections to the 2020 election results, including his own case, was explained by the merchant as the work of a corrupt judge. “Many judges have also been acquired. They are part of this cabal,” he said.

What does he say to the criticism that his actions and the actions of his fellow coalition members were, like Trump’s own actions, the actions of a painful loser?

“I don’t agree,” said the merchant. “We have a lot of evidence. It’s there. Shoot and you can find it.”

Trump supporters form an alliance to take over the election process in major states | US politics

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