Trump says American Jews don’t like or care about Israel


On May 22, 2017, US President Donald Trump visits the Wailing Wall, the most sacred place in Jerusalem’s Old City where Jews can pray.

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Former president Donald Trump“American Jews either don’t like Israel or don’t care about Israel,” he told Israeli journalists in a newly aired interview.

“There are Jewish people in this country who no longer love Israel,” Trump said in an interview with journalist Barak Ravid.

“Evangelical Christians love Israel more than the Jews in this country,” said Republican Trump. He received very strong support from white evangelical voters in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.

In contrast, the Jews in these elections It was much more likely to vote for a Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton And the president Joe BidenOpinion polls show each. Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus also tended to vote for Biden rather than Trump.

Mr. Trump commented when he was considering running again for the White House in 2024. He continues to spread the lie that the 2020 vote was illegally fraudulent against him.

The American Jewish Parliament later accused Trump of trafficking the “radioactive anti-Semitic metaphor” in his remarks.

The Basic Laws of Israel defines the country as a Jewish nation-state. All Jews in the world had the right to immigrate and become citizens there under Israeli law.

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An excerpt from Trump’s interview was played in a new episode of the podcast Unholy: Two Jews in the NewsPosted online on Friday.

In that interview, when Trump grew up in New York City, his father, Fred, a residential real estate developer, said, “Because it was Brooklyn real estate, Brooklyn and Queens, it was very close to many Jews.”

“Many Jewish friends, a great love for Israel, has been dissipated for years for the American people,” Trump said.

“To be honest, it’s very dangerous,” he added.

“Israel used to have absolute power over Parliament, but today I think it’s the exact opposite.”

“I think [former President Barack] Mr Obama and Mr Biden did that, “he added. This tells you that Jews, and I’ve been saying this for a long time, American Jews either don’t like Israel or don’t care about Israel.

“That is, look at the New York Times. The New York Times hate Israel. They are the Jews who run the New York Times. That is the Sultsburger family,” Trump told Rabbit. A family who has been running the newspaper for over a century.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism for her marriage to Jared Kushner.

The American Jewish Parliament tweeted, “Why is Mr. Trump rekindling dangerous stereotypes about Jews?”

“His past support for Israel has not given him permission to travel in a radioactive anti-Semitic metaphor-or trampling on unfounded conclusions about the unbreakable bond that connects American Jews to Israel. “There is,” the group tweeted. “sufficient!”

A Times spokesman declined to comment on newspapers and Trump’s remarks about the Sultsburger family.

CNBC is seeking comment on Trump’s remarks in interviews with his spokeswoman, the Consul General of Israel in New York, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Trump says American Jews don’t like or care about Israel

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