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    Tristan Thompson: I Never Offered My Side-Piece $75K to Get an Abortion!

    Tristan Thompson is not a popular person these days.

    Kardashian fans have long hated Sacramento Kings stars because of their past abuses of Chloe.

    And just when we thought the man couldn’t be abused any more, the words put it out. Thompson is sued for his father By a woman named Maralee Nichols who claims to be his third baby mom.

    Thompson is fighting the allegations in court, and legal controversy has led to the release of even more harmful information about the NBA star.

    according to New report From Radar Online, Tristan is fighting to seal court records, but his efforts may have been delayed.

    In addition to all the anti-aircraft guns he is taking to deceive Chloe, Thompson has received a lot of criticism for his alleged interaction with Nichols.

    People are particularly angry at the allegations that Tristan provided $ 75,000 to Malary for an abortion.

    Larry Nichols Photo

    As proof of this offer, Nichols provided the court with a screenshot of the Snapchat message. Tristan pressured her to end her pregnancy and informed her that she would not be involved in her child’s life.

    “You know my feelings. My feelings haven’t changed at all. I’m not involved at all,” he writes.

    “If you think you can make money by giving birth to this baby, that’s completely wrong.”

    Tristan Thompson wants forgiveness

    Tristan further claimed to retire after the current NBA season. This means that the malary will receive minimal child support.

    “You know I’m retiring after this season, so from a support standpoint, it’s going to be needed every month for someone unemployed,” he wrote.

    “It’s Texas, so it’s going to be just a few hundred dollars,” Tristan continued.

    Tristan Thompson as King

    At that time, he first mentioned the abortion offer.

    “That’s why you should take this 75k I’m offering, because if you have an unemployed father and children, you won’t get anything close to it,” the message read.

    “You only have a baby with a father who has nothing to do with the child and pays hundreds of dollars a month for child support,” he concludes.

    Tristan Thompson on Air

    In a document filed by his lawyer this week, Tristan has so far denied sending those messages.

    He accuses Marary of creating a DM. This is a fairly serious allegation of criminal offense.

    The document refers to a “message called Snapchat” from Tristan to Marary.

    Episode Tristan Thompson

    Thompson’s lawyer continues to argue that Maralie “has achieved some sort of bad publicity in this proceeding and is trying to profit for himself.”

    Nichols claims that she and Tristan became pregnant with their child on their 30th birthday in March.

    At that time, Thompson was still dating Khloe Kardashian.

    Grinning at Chloe

    As a result of Nichols’ allegations, the former couple reportedly went on different paths.

    Insider says Chloe thought Tristan had “changed” And I was absolutely regretted to know that he was deceived again.

    Thompson denies that he is the father of Nichols’ child, but he admits that the two had sex in March.

    Season 19 Tristan Thompson

    Tristan says it was the only time, and Marary claims that the two continued a short incident.

    At this point, the difference is probably not important to Chloe.

    Hopefully she is happy to be freed again from this compulsive scammer and manipulator.

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