Saturday, September 25, 2021

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    Travel agencies are celebrating a moment in Covid-19 chaos

    Zoom, ring light, exercise bike, food delivery. You can add travel advisors to your list of products and services that have been brought to life by a pandemic.

    Virus-related complexity, uncertainty, cancellations, delays, border restrictions, and testing requirements make travel difficult. As a result, many travelers booking beach vacations and other trips rely on professionals to assist in their planning. Travel advisors should no longer be called travel agencies.

    “The pandemic has removed our credibility and need from the charts. I think we are supporters now,” said Valerie Wilson Travel, a leisure and corporate travel agency based in New York. Said Jennifer Wilson-Buttigieg, co-president of. It is a unit of Frosch International Travel. “Travel is possible. It’s just difficult.”

    The reduction in do-it-yourself bookings and fees paid by airlines has shrunk travel agencies since the 1990s. Survivors booked cruises and elaborate trips primarily for clients interested in luxury accommodation, as well as large companies for corporate travel managers.

    industry Proven to be elastic, And it’s hot now. After many have stranded for over a year, travelers want to go somewhere. And they ask countless questions about what you have to do to travel abroad and how you can protect yourself from disappointment, delays, and financial losses. Many of them are looking to travel advisors.

    Travel agencies are celebrating a moment in Covid-19 chaos

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