Toyota debuts the stunning Noah and Voxy minivans on the grill


There is currently an arms race among grill designers for full-size pickups.from Chevrolet Silverado To Toyota tundra The theme seems to be better as more front area can be occupied by the grill.But what if the same concept applies to small cars like compact cars? Minivan?? Don’t worry, friends, Toyota I answered that question.

Behold, Toyota Noah and Voxy in 2022, twin minivans for the Japanese market. If they look super-boxy, that’s because they are. Japan Like light cars, these vans are manufactured to the limit of what is dimensionally permitted, as there are several road tax brackets depending on engine displacement and overall width.If there were multiple minivan classes in the United States, these Noah and Voxy would Siena..idea Mazda 5Although not a direct comparison.

Power comes from one of the 1.8 liter in-line 4-cylinders. hybrid 2.0 liters coupled to the system, or CVT 4. Both are three-row vehicles, with the second row available either as a two-row captain chair (with a retractable ottoman and side table) or a bench with a foldable pass-through. A clever touch like a hands-free sliding door, a rear hatch that can be stopped at any angle, and a very low floor make this an ideal car for homes with big chicks and older parents.

Noah has two trim levels, the lower Z trim is indicated by a large grille split by a body-colored crossbar. The higher SZ trim features a huge black grille with a huge chrome grille protruding from it. Voxy, offered exclusively in SZ trim, has a large black mau with a chrome border. Inside, there are two design elements. A series of horizontal bars that turn into honeycombs on either side. Introducing Voxy props to have an interesting fog lamp design that looks like five different elements of a grid pattern.

Obviously, these haven’t come to the United States. But if so, those huge grills will help them feel at home.

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Toyota debuts the stunning Noah and Voxy minivans on the grill

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