Tory warns of rebellion if Boris Johnson does not ax Covid’s curb


Boris Johnson will either end all Covid-19 restrictions by the end of this month from influential Conservative lawmakers, or face the prospect of a major rebellion within the party and leadership challenges later this year. I was prompted.

Mark Harper, chairman of the Tory Covid Recovery Group, skeptical of the blockade, said Johnson would end the rules and never return them by January 26, when most of the current rules expire. Said that it was necessary to announce.

Former Tory Chief Whip told the Financial Times that Johnson could face leadership challenges after the May local elections, unless he changed his way of running and proved he was still an election asset. ..

Harper said that when the existing Plan B rules expire, especially at home guidance, wearing masks in public places, and when the Covid pass expires, Johnson will say that even if new variants emerge. He said he should swear he would never return.

“The problem is that he wants to agree with us, and then he says he wants to withhold restrictions or don’t want to exclude them,” Harper said. “It’s becoming an unsustainable position.

“If I run a hospitality business, I literally don’t know what will happen, so I’m very nervous about investing, growing my business, and taking risks.”

Harper admits that Covid is endemic in society, but Johnson addresses it through the creation of new promotions, special wards and treatments to immunize those who are hesitant rather than blockades. I want to do it.

“At some point, no matter what happens or what varieties emerge, we’re not going to respond by closing parts of the country,” he said. “It’s not a sustainable position.”

When asked when Johnson should formally declare the end of the Covid restriction, Harper said, “When is it not now?”

He said that if Johnson asked the MP to extend Plan B’s measures after January 26, it would be even more than what was seen in December when nearly 100 Tory lawmakers voted against Covid Pass. He warned that he would face a great rebellion.

“I think more people will oppose it,” he said. “I think the current intellectual debate is even weaker.” He hopes to replace the remaining self-quarantine law, which expires in March, with a voluntary approach.

Harper, who opposed Johnson as a Tory leader in 2019, denied that the CRG, which has an estimated 70-80 members, is becoming a party within the party.

He said Tories and voters, including those who elected Liberal Democrats in the North Slopshire by-elections last month, want to see a change in “how the prime minister behaves in the government.”

“What happens depends on whether he does things differently,” he said. “Whether or not there is proper debate in the Cabinet, the government is moving in a reasonably conservative direction, not asking the state for all the solutions, and trying to curb public spending.”

Asked if problems would arise if Johnson failed to make the change, the Tories did not go well in the May local elections, Harper said. But he added, “It’s in his hands.”

He states: They look at polling and think about who can best help them keep their seats.

“Conservative lawmakers have asked themselves that question in the past and decided that they needed to do something about it. The prime minister has a performance-related contract.”

Education Minister Nadhim Zahawi said on Sunday that Britain is making a Covid transition from a “pandemic to endemic”, but admitted that “the next two weeks will be bumpy.”

Zahawi said that a further reduction in the minimum quarantine period of 7 to 5 days would “certainly help”, but said this would only occur with the advice of the UK Health Department.

The minister also told the BBC that there is no immediate prospect that the government will reduce free trials. “We are not asking for the end of the free lateral flow test,” he said.

Tory warns of rebellion if Boris Johnson does not ax Covid’s curb

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